As the development platform, Reeman robotics gives robots unlimited room for creativity

In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, there is a huge market space for service robots, and the demand for development based on universal robot platform is increasing day by day, Reeman Robotics has built the robot platform revolutionarily, redefining the chassis architecture of robots based on the modular development thinking of universal chassis. The architecture takes the lead in becoming an “incubator” for advanced intelligent robots, creating infinite possibilities for robots with the power of many developers.

As the technology pioneer and explore of the new generation of intelligent mobile robots, Reeman Robotics relies on its strong technical strength and R&D advantages to completely open the chassis code, share the SDK, provide API interfaces, and provide technical service support. Developers can create different forms of robot products based on Reeman’s code, shorten the robot development cycle, reduce the cost of human and material resources, and realize more extended functions.

At present, Reeman’s robot platform supports the development and customization of many forms of robots, and developers can design the upper layer applications of robot according to different scenarios. With the support of six core technologies such as autonomous navigation, cloud platform, autonomous scheduling system, obstacle avoidance system, suspension structure, navigation algorithm and other innovative applications, developers have more choices, significantly improve the performance parameters of robots, and make robot development easier.

Autonomous navigation and positioning technology

No need to post codes, easy deployment

With the high-performance REEMAN SLAM2.0 autonomous navigation and positioning system as well as the mature and stable navigation algorithms, Reeman Robotics can build a high-precision map, perceive the dynamic environment in real time, make the navigation accuracy is about 5cm. The SLAM technology also ensures robot precisely position no need to affix any code,and more flexibly plan walking route, easily coping with various complex and open scenes.

Developers can customize the upper based on Reeman robot platform without external environment adjustment and human programming settings.Developers can quickly build robot navigation maps and customize the location of distribution targets through LIDAR sensor, and realize autonomous movement and intelligent route planning in shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, factories, banks and other scenarios to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Cloud remote management

The world’s unique remote and convenient deployment capability

With the technical advantages of the Reeman robot platform, any robot product developed by the user can get your own management account and realize remote intelligent management through the cloud platform and monitor the operation status of the robot in real time, such as emergency stop switch, laser, power, positioning, etc., no need any additional data collection devices, which provides a good basis and conditions for engineers to control the robot remotely. It can effectively reduce the response time of robot operation and maintenance by replacing “personnel movement” with “data movement”.

Central dispatching system

Multi-machine collaboration, orderly operation

As the core key technology self-developed by Reeman Robot,the central dispatching system realizes the unified management and dispatching of robots, supports multi-robot collaboration scenarios,and has stronger adaptability to dynamic and complex scenarios such as in restaurants. The robot will run in an orderly manner as the set route, greatly improving work efficiency.

Dual 3D cameras

Stereoscopic intelligent obstacle avoidance

It is crucial for the robot to run safely and stably. The robot chassis is equipped with dual 3D cameras, which enable the robot to identify overhanging obstacles more accurately and sensitively in some more complex environments, such as bars, tables and chairs, etc.,and realize three-dimensional intelligent obstacle avoidance. The robot can perceive the surrounding environment in all aspects through 3D cameras, ultrasonic, LIDAR and other sensors, avoid obstacles and re-route, significantly improving the robot’s safety.

Independent suspension system

Shock absorption effect upgrade

In order to improve the stability of the robot running on different ground, Reeman Robot takes the lead in launching independent suspension structure, designing shock absorbers on two sides of the drive wheels.They can effectively reduce the shaky and jolty situation when the robot is driving on bumpy ground,and improve the stability and reliability of robot,to cope with the homogenous competition pattern of the industry with the differentiation of product structure.

Super navigation algorithm

Autonomous path planning

At the same time, autonomous path planning is also an important function of the robot, which adopts the self-developed SLAM autonomous positioning and navigation algorithm to customize the target location after accurately acquiring its own positioning and map data, and automatically plan the optimal route from the starting point to the destination point through the robot’s “super brain”, so that the robot can move safely and collision-free in the process. The robot can run around the obstacles safely and collision-free.

Building a robot innovation ecology

Promising future,bright prospects

The Reeman Robotics development platform is equipped with the software modules, hardware components and development cases required for the robot development process.We are driven by product innovation, accelerating the speed of product iteration and updating, and constantly breaking through the innovation boundary.

We will continue to lead to the technological breakthroughs with source innovation. Upholding the corporate mission of “Let robots help us everywhere”, we build a more powerful robot development platform for developers with a completely open hardware and software platform, which gives robots unlimited creative space. Insisting on meeting the immediate needs of society, and returning to the value creation,we are committed to promoting social progress and the development of artificial intelligence industry.