Exploring Munich Auto Show: BYD Sets a Benchmark for Chinese Robotics Brands

From September 5th to 10th, 2023, the world’s attention once again converged on Munich, Germany, as the curtains rose on the second edition of the International Motor Show Germany (IAA MOBILITY). On this global stage, one name garnered widespread attention: the Chinese brand BYD.

Chinese brand BYD

BYD, as a dynamic Chinese automotive brand, presented a series of cutting-edge smart mobility solutions at this exhibition. The market’s unanimous praise wasn’t merely recognition of BYD’s products; it was more a commendation for a Chinese brand that dares to innovate and take on challenges. On such an international platform, BYD has successfully set an outstanding example for the Chinese robotics industry, signifying that China’s robotic technology is now at the forefront of the world.

Meanwhile, another Chinese brand, Reeman, also drew people’s attention. This company, dedicated to the field of service robotics, has shown remarkable growth in recent years. From its initial food delivery robots to its current involvement in various sectors such as factories, hotels, chassis delivery, disinfection, cleaning, and reception robots, Reeman has rapidly made a name for itself in just nine years.

Reeman Robot

In reality, Reeman’s success is not a coincidence. In major global markets like the United States, Europe, and China, the demand for robot services is rapidly increasing. Modern society’s lifestyles and work patterns necessitate more efficient and intelligent service models, and robots are ideally suited to meet these demands. Therefore, companies like Reeman, committed to robot development and market promotion, are garnering increasing attention.

Reeman’s success in the European market serves as the best testament to its research and development capabilities and market acumen. Providing services to 56 countries and regions and receiving positive feedback and strong performance in the European market have given Reeman greater confidence and determination to further expand its services and investments in Europe.

In summary, the Munich Auto Show of 2023 is not just a stage for showcasing the latest technologies and products; it is also a window into the fresh image and strength of Chinese robotics brands. The successes of BYD and Reeman foreshadow the commencement of a new chapter for Chinese robotics brands in the international market.

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