Good news! Reeman Robotics has been recognized as a “specialized, sophisticated, and innovative” enterprise

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On March 15th, the Shenzhen Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Bureau announced the list of “specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” enterprises in Shenzhen for 2022. After layers of screening and expert evaluation, Reeman Robotics stood out among many small and medium-sized enterprises with its professional core business, meticulous management, outstanding innovative technology, and research and development capabilities, and successfully became a member of the “specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” enterprises.

This successful recognition as a “specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” enterprise not only highly affirms and recognizes Reeman Robotics’ independent innovation ability, product technology content, and company development potential by government departments, but also serves as encouragement and motivation for the company’s innovative development path. It marks a new milestone in Reeman Robotics’ development in the field of artificial intelligence manufacturing.

“Specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises are pioneer enterprises selected from many small and medium-sized enterprises that have characteristics of “specialization, refinement, uniqueness, and novelty” in their development, with outstanding main business, strong competitiveness, and good growth potential. This selection is in line with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on “cultivating a group of specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, as advocated by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Commercial Robotics

“Specialization”: Deeply cultivating the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on high-quality development of enterprises.

Established in 2015, Shenzhen Reeman Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the intelligent robot industry for many years as a technology pioneer and explorer of the new generation of intelligent mobile robots in China. It has been deeply cultivating the technology and products in the field of artificial intelligence, and its core technology has been applied in both software development and hardware design. Robots cover a wide range of areas, including cleaning robots, commercial service robots, delivery robots, disinfection robots, robot chassis, and other series of products. The products are exported to 55 countries and regions worldwide. In addition, the core technologies of robot navigation algorithms, autonomous scheduling systems, etc. are leading in the industry and are widely recognized in the domestic and international markets.

Food Delivery Robot

“Refinement”: Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and certified with ISO9001 quality management system.

For many years, Reeman Robot has been deeply cultivating the field of artificial intelligence, constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, and actively achieving refinement in design, production, management, and services. Adhering to the corporate mission of “making robots help us everywhere”, it is committed to pursuing the principles of leading technology and quality first, and providing customers with high-quality products and services. In recent years, Reeman Robot has been continuously recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and certified with ISO9001 quality management system, as well as recognized as a science and technology-oriented SME in 2021.

Disinfection Robot

“Feature-ization”: Promote the diversified development of the robotics industry through technological innovation.

As a pioneer and explorer in the new generation of intelligent mobile robots, Robomaster Robotics relies on its strong technical strength and research and development advantages to completely open its chassis code, open the SDK platform, provide API interfaces, and provide technical support services. Developers can create different forms of robot products based on Robomaster’s code, shorten the robot development cycle, reduce manpower, material, and other cost inputs, and achieve more extended functions.

At the same time, Robomaster Robotics’ development platform supports the development and customization of various types of robots. Developers can design upper-level applications for robots based on different scenarios. With the support of the six core technologies of autonomous navigation, cloud platform, autonomous scheduling system, obstacle avoidance system, suspension structure, and navigation algorithm, developers have more choices and can significantly improve the performance parameters of robots, making robot development simpler.

Robot Chassis&AGV&AMR

“Innovation”: Uphold product and technological innovation to win the market with high quality.

Innovation is the key to the development of a company. As a leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence, it is crucial to maintain keen insight and rapid response capabilities. Robo-Raiman has always insisted on pursuing independent technological innovation, guided by customer needs, continuously breaking through key technological bottlenecks in robot applications, and launching many innovative products. With high-quality products and services, Robo-Raiman has won the market, satisfied diverse customer needs, and provided customers with accurate and efficient solutions.

Production Site

Reeman | Adhering to the spirit of innovation, has a bright future ahead.

“Reeman Robotics will continue to lead technological breakthroughs through original innovation, fully open the SDK, provide API interfaces, and create a more powerful robot development platform for developers, giving robots unlimited creative space. We are committed to meeting social needs, returning to the fundamental value creation, and promoting social progress and the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

Through continuous efforts and pursuit, Reeman Robotics continues to maintain sensitivity to technology and the market, creating more value for customers. In the future, we will continue to adhere to innovation, increase research and development investment, leverage our strong R&D capabilities and technical advantages, improve our core competitiveness, and strive to grow into a specialized and innovative “small giant” in the field of artificial intelligence, leading the industry’s high-quality development with technological innovation.”

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