How Can The Delivery Robot Avoid Customers Taking The Wrong Meal?

In traditional delivery mode, food is delivered by waiters. Sometimes the wrong delivery happened,which is caused by factors such as the number of customers, the number of food delivered, and the memory of the waiter himself. Many restaurants have also tried to innovate the ways of delivery, meal picking, and order to avoid the problem of sending the wrong meal, such as configuring the number plate and introducing the way of scanning the code to order the meal.

There are two ways to use the number plate. One is to place a number plate on the table after ordering, but the waiters have to look around for the corresponding plate to distribute the meal, which takes more time and some of the number plate are not beautiful. The other is that the customer takes the number plate to pick up the meal, and guests have to wait for the broadcast calling. There are errors or comissions that affect the dining experience. Although the introduction of the QR code ordering method omits the step of the waiter ordering, and the waiter can get rid of sending the wrong meal even when he knows the situation of the table, it still cannot solve the problem of insufficient staff when there is a large number of passengers and realize the distribution of multiple tables at one time.

The Emergence Of A New Delivery Model–Robot Delivery: Precise Distribution&Multi-Table Distribution

In order to overcome the above disadvantages of the traditional food delivery modes, a new distribution mode came into being – the food delivery robot. By scanning the surrounding environment to establish a map, the Reeman food delivery robot can accurately distribute the food to the designated table and avoid the problem of sending food to worng table (see the video below). The design of multiple trays can realize the distribution of multiple tables and deal with the problem of insufficient manpower when the passenger flow is large.

Although the robot delivery which is more accurate and efficient is replacing the traditional manual mode, it requires the guests to pick up the food on their seats. Due to the openness of multiple trays, the guests also have the situation of picking up the wrong food. How can the robot avoid or prevent the guests from pickng up the wrong food?

How Does The Food Delivery Robot Prevent Customers From Picking Up The Wrong Meal?

Preventing customers from taking wrong meals only needs to rely on the two functions of the Reeman delivery robot, one is voice broadcast, and the other is light reminder.

In fact, when the delivery robot delivers the food to the designated table, it will remind the customer to take the food on the corresponding tray through voice broadcast, and at the same time, the smart light effect on the same floor of the meal will also flash to remind; if the customer takes the wrong food, the delivery robot will also Once again, the customer is notified of the wrong meal through voice broadcast & light flashing, reminding the customer to take the food from the correct tray. (The following is a demonstration of the customer taking the wrong meal, and the robot reminds the customer to take the meal correctly through voice broadcast & light flashing)

In order to enable delivery robots to cover more areas, the upgraded version of Reeman’s delivery robots appears in the form of a closed warehouse door, which needs to be scanned by a QR code to open the door and pick up the items. In fact, this is also a new way to prevent customers from picking up the wrong meal , but it is used in a wider range, not only for restaurant delivery, but also for delivery of items and documents in office buildings, hotels and other places.

It is a closed door or an open tray, the Reeman delivery robot can achieve accurate delivery, precise meal picking, and multi-table delivery at one time. The introduction of Reeman distribution robot can save delivery time and labor costs to a certain extent. Bring a new dining experience.

Reeman Robot always adheres to the concept of customer-centric. Reeman will continue to upgrade and innovate its products according to the needs of customers and the market, so as to provide a good user experience and let robots truly enter people’s lives. Among them, help people solve simple and repetitive tasks, leaving more time for more meaningful things.