Korea’s Service Industry Takes Off With Technology Boom As Delivery Robots Solve Manpower Shortage

South Korea’s service industry is experiencing a technology boom, with delivery robots being deployed to address labor shortages.

Manpower Shortage
Manpower Shortage

The widespread application of delivery robots in the South Korean service industry is causing a wave of enthusiasm, addressing the issue of labor shortage. With the challenges of labor scarcity, an increasing number of restaurants and service establishments in South Korea are introducing delivery robots to combine technology with the service industry, enhancing efficiency and quality.

reeman delivery robots
Reeman Delivery Robots

The popularity of delivery robots has garnered widespread attention in the South Korean service sector. According to the latest data, there are currently over 5,000 active delivery robots in restaurants, cafes, golf courses, and other venues in South Korea. It is projected that this number will exceed 10,000 in a short period of time, with continuous rapid growth. The primary reason for the service industry’s investment in delivery robots is the difficulty in recruiting workers. The rise in South Korea’s minimum wage and the attractive income in the courier industry have drawn a significant portion of the service industry’s workforce, leading to a decline in employees engaged in repetitive tasks under challenging conditions.

Delivery robots possess unique advantages in the service industry. Firstly, low economic costs are among their greatest advantages. In the current economic downturn, high labor costs are a significant burden for service industry businesses. In contrast, the cost of renting a delivery robot is far lower than hiring manpower, and there is no need to bear the insurance and welfare issues associated with employees, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses.

Secondly, delivery robots exhibit high efficiency in repetitive tasks. For example, in the culinary field, delivery robots can accurately and swiftly complete tasks such as baking and frying, significantly improving production efficiency. In comparison, human labor for these tasks requires more time and is less efficient.

Most importantly, delivery robots can undertake tasks that involve safety risks, providing employees with a safer working environment. Whether it is frying chicken in hot oil or baking pizzas in an oven, delivery robots can flawlessly accomplish these tasks, eliminating potential safety hazards faced by employees in high-temperature environments.

Reeman Food Delivery Robot
Reeman Food Delivery Robot

With the continuous development of technology, the application scope of delivery robots in the South Korean service industry is becoming increasingly diverse. Apart from the food and beverage sector, more and more service establishments, such as screen golf courses, billiard halls, and internet cafes, are beginning to adopt delivery robots. These robots not only handle order placement and food delivery but also accept phone orders, appointment tasks, and provide additional services such as guiding customers to seats or singing birthday songs.

It is worth noting that over 60% of the hardware in the delivery robots used in South Korea is manufactured in China. Although major South Korean corporations are also developing service robots, their prices are higher and primarily cater to the high-end market. If South Korean companies cannot address the issue of insufficient price competitiveness, Chinese products will continue to dominate the South Korean service robot market.

The rise of delivery robots not only addresses the issue of labor shortage but also propels the modernization transformation of the service industry. By introducing technology to enhance efficiency and quality, the service sector can better meet customer demands and provide more convenient and efficient service experiences. However, as delivery robots become more widespread, it is also necessary to focus on the collaboration and balanced development between these robots and human employees, ensuring that technology and manpower mutually promote the sustainable development of the service industry.

service robot
Reeman Service Robot

In summary, the widespread application of delivery robots in the South Korean service industry demonstrates the power and advantages of technology. With their low cost, high efficiency, and safety features, delivery robots have become an important means for the service industry to address labor shortages. As technology continues to advance, the application of delivery robots will further expand, bringing more innovation and development opportunities to the South Korean service industry.

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