Maximizing Efficiency With Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots

Commercial Cleaning Robot

Commercial floor cleaning robots are large robots that are often seen cleaning buildings like hospitals, offices, and hotels. They can clean more efficiently and more effectively compared to a standard house cleaning crew. 

They work more efficiently though if you are able to plan their routes and schedules well. To get the most out of your robot, you want to make sure you are using all the tools at your disposal so they can clean as well as possible.  

Understanding the Capabilities of Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

mopping robot

Mopping Robot

Features of commercial floor cleaning robots

• Front vacuum system 

• Able to collect dust and other items before the scrubber comes along 

• Dual bush so the floor is cleaned in all directions 

• Water tank system that allows the dirty water not to spill out 

Types of tasks that robots can perform

Commercial cleaning robots can collect dust and hair, vacuum the floor of particles, mop the floor so it’s extremely clean, and sense where furniture and obstacles are so they can go around them. 

Benefits of using robots for cleaning tasks

Benefits include always having your cleaning done at the same time with the same consistency. You can also save on labor costs since you are not paying a full team of people to come and clean the buildings.

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots 

Reeman has many different commercial cleaning robots that can help you.  Some are designed only for sweeping while others can sweep and clean at the same time. The best part about the robots is that the brushes are self-cleaning themselves all the time which means you don’t have to cut away dust and hair to keep the spinner working. 

Optimizing Cleaning Routes

vacuum cleaner robot

Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Importance of optimizing cleaning routes

Cleaning routes need to be optimized so that they have the best route possible for the robot. This includes cleaning every surface and planning a path that doesn’t double back on the same areas too many times. This ensures the battery life is saved as much as possible. 

Factors to consider when planning routes

• Where the base station is 

• How long the robot can work before it needs to go back to the station to be charged 

• Which areas of the home are the dirtiest

• Placement of furniture and other obstacles 

• Where pets are during the day and if they will get in the way of the robot cleaning 

Best practices for optimizing routes

First, you want to make sure the route goes in a seamless direction around the house rather than backtracking whenever possible. Ensure the map shows all furniture and other large obstacles so that the robot does not become stuck. 

Ideally, the robot needs to understand your house so that it can clean it in the most efficient way possible. This is even more important for office buildings because there are often more obstacles to work around.  

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots
Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

Utilizing Data for Improved Efficiency

Importance of utilizing data for improved efficiency

Commercial cleaning robots are able to capture data in real-time so that you can see their performance. This allows you to validate their cleaning performance and see if anything needs to be changed. 

Types of data to track

• How long it takes to clean a certain area

• How well the area is cleaned

• If the robot got stuck somewhere 

• If the robot ran out of battery before making it back to the base station 

• If the current route is working or wasting time 

Best practices for utilizing data

Allow the robot to track data in real time so you can see exactly what is going well and what needs to be changed. Any time you change a route or workflow plan, ensure you check the data soon after to see if the new cleaning plan is working or not. 

Streamlining Maintenance Processes

Importance of streamlining maintenance processes

When a commercial cleaning robot needs repairs, it can be very costly. This is why it’s better to do regular maintenance so you can cut down on repair costs. 

Types of maintenance tasks to perform

• Regular cleaning 

• Lubrication of all cleaning and spinning parts

• Painting when needed 

• Dent and scratch repair if needed 

• Replacements of minor parts when they are worn down 

• Replacement of battery on certain robots 

Best practices for streamlining maintenance

Make sure you have a thorough schedule outlined so you know exactly when maintenance needs to be done. Check the robot periodically for signs of damage or problems so they can be addressed right away. 

One of the best parts about the Reeman floor cleaning robots is that they are self-cleaning so you can spend less time and money on getting them professionally cleaned. They can also automatically charge so you don’t have to constantly check if the battery is doing well or not. 

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots

Commercial Cleaning Robot

Training Staff for Optimal Efficiency

Importance of training staff

While many of the cleaning robots are self-efficient, you still need to train the staff to optimize cleaning routes. You should also train them on who to call if the robot is having issues. 

Types of training to provide

• Minor maintenance 

• Phone numbers on who to call for emergency issues or maintenance 

• How to adjust routes or cleaning time when needed 

• How to clean with the robot rather than competing against one another

Best practices for training staff

Since robots are often thought of as taking over jobs from the staff members, ensure you train the workers on how to work with the robots rather than making them feel like they now have a competition to keep their jobs. 

Ensure you have continuous training every time a new robot is brought onto the workforce and allow the staff members to ask any questions they may have at the end of training sessions. 


sweeper robot

Sweeper Robot

Commercial cleaning robots are a great addition to any office or hospital that needs efficient and productive cleaning. If you follow the efficiency tips in this article, you will see that Reeman’s self cleaning robots do all the hard work for you. 

Reeman Snail Cleaner’s Robot

Reeman Snail Cleaner’s Robot

Reeman Snail Sweeper Cleaning Robot

Reeman Snail Sweeper Cleaning Robot

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