Service Robots and Human Workers: Striking a Balance in Restaurants

Reeman service robots
Reeman service robots

In restaurants, one of the greatest debates is if there should continue to be human servers or if these tasks should be given to robots. While there is no right or wrong answer, the best thing to do is find the perfect balance between the two. 

This article will discuss how robots and human workers can work efficiently together rather than always competing. 

Advantages of service robots in restaurants

Increased efficiency

Robots are known to work more efficiently than human workers because they don’t get tired of doing mundane or repetitive tasks. They can do the same work all day long and still have efficient results. 

Cost savings

When you employ robots to do some of the serving costs, you save money on paying labor fees and wages to the human workers you employ. 

Consistent performance

Unlike human staff members, robots deliver consistent results every day. They are not affected by personal problems or issues among coworkers. They can work efficiently for longer hours as well without getting tired. 

Reduced physical strain for human workers

Some of the tasks that human servers do are very physically draining. They can also sustain injuries when done for a long period of time. This includes carrying heavy trays of food and heavy equipment around the restaurant. 

Reeman service robots for restaurant 

Food Delivery Robot
Food Delivery Robot

If you are thinking about getting a robot for your restaurant, look no further than Reeman’s service robots. They have automatic dining robots and food delivery robots that are perfect additions to your restaurant. 

They can automatically deliver food to the table’s location. Some of the robots can even utilize elevators which are perfect if you want to deliver food in an office building or hotel. 

Advantages of human workers in restaurants

Personal touch and emotional intelligence

One of the main pros of having human workers in a restaurant is that they provide a personal touch that robots cannot provide. They also have emotional intelligence which allows them to empathize with customers and give them a more all-around better dining experience. 

Flexibility in handling unexpected situations

Sometimes in restaurants, not everything goes as planned. There could be a customer complaining, some cutlery that has been broken, or a wide range of other issues. Humans are better equipped as handling these problems compared to robots. 

Creativity and problem-solving skills

When there is an unexpected issue, human workers are better at getting creative and solving the problem in ways that robots cannot.

Reeman food service robots
Reeman Food Service Robots

Finding the balance between service robots and human workers

Identifying tasks that can be automated

The best tasks that robots can do are ones that are mundane and automated. This can take away a lot of stress from the human servers in the restaurant. 

Providing necessary training to human workers for working with service robots

Rather than just throwing a robot into the mix, you need to ensure that all servers have proper training when it comes to working with the service robots. Consider having a paid training day for all employees. 

Ensuring proper communication and coordination between service robots and human workers

Human workers need to know how to efficiently work with robots. Make sure they know how to communicate with them and how to fix simple issues in their routes and programming when needed. 

Monitoring the performance of service robots and human workers

When you introduce a robot into the workforce, make sure you consistently monitor how the robot is performing with the human workers. You can also ask the workers how they feel about having the robot around. Ask them if it’s making their job easier and if there are any additional tasks they want the robot to be able to do. 

Ethical considerations in using service robots in restaurants

Impact on employment

A major concern about having robots in the workforce is that it will reduce the number of jobs available to people. This makes people fear that they will lose their job and that they will not be able to find employment in the restaurant industry anymore. 

Consumer perception

Many consumers do not want to dine at restaurants with robots because of ethical concerns. Other consumers will look forward to less human interaction. Many people are also curious about how the robots work and will want to see them up close. 

Privacy concerns

As with all the things in the digital age, many consumers are concerned that a robot will not be able to protect their privacy like a human would be able to do. People might be wary to give their credit cards or other information to the robots in fear that their information will get lost and given out to people. 

Reeman food service robots

Service Robot

Future implications of service robots and human workers in restaurants

Impact on the restaurant industry

Robots have the ability to greatly affect the restaurant industry in very positive ways. They can do more automated tasks like delivering food to the tables and taking payment information. 

This takes away many of the tasks of servers so they can focus more on taking orders and interacting with customers. 

Advancements in service robots

With each passing year, service robots become more and more advanced. For example, some of the newer ones can pass down very narrow aisles and get around people and other obstacles that might be standing in the way. 

There are also some that can operate elevators and doors so they can get around the restaurant much easier. 

Possible changes in human worker roles

If more restaurants employ service robots, the roles of human workers will inevitably change. They will have more time to focus on talking to the customers and ensuring the guest experience is perfect while the robots do automated tasks. 


Both human workers and service robots play crucial roles in the restaurant industry. By finding the right balance, people will be able to see how the robots can benefit them and take away some of the high stress that comes along with working in a restaurant. 

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