Food Delivery Series

Fully intelligent and efficient food delivery, solve your problems

What Problem Does The Food Delivery Robot Solve?

Improved Delivery Efficiency

Save time! Save energy! So Easy!

Contactless Delivery

Precise transportation to ensure supplies
are delivered without other contacts

Increased Security/Privacy

Need to scan QR code for quick verification
before picking up the goods.Open the corresponding warehouse door to ensure the safety of materials


Hotel catering

Too many orders, no privacy, low manual delivery efficiency, delivery process can not be visualized, efficiency can not be guaranteed


Contactless distribution, high efficiency material distribution, automatic elevator riding, blocking germs from contact transmission

Other Solutions

Office building / mall

Document/item delivery privacy, More secure by verifying the QR code to open the cabinet

Recreation Center

Food/supplies delivery and automatic elevator rides for efficiency and convenience!

Café / Bar

Easy to solve the problem of pouring tea and water pouring, save energy and so easy ~


More timely material distribution, clean room good helper

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