Automatic Dining Robot Series

Food delivery robot

High Tech Meal Delivery

The World’s First Self-Cleaning Technology

Cleaning robot series

Intelligent APP Control

Custom Sanitization Path

Disinfection robot series

Remote Control, Saving Time and Efficiency

Autonomous Take Elevator (Optional)

Chassis robot series

Open SDK

cleaning robot

Using the world's first self-cleaning technology, all-purpose intelligent base station, custom cleaning area, rolling brush every second in self-cleaning, mopping clean without secondary pollution, widely used in office buildings, cafes, hotels, restaurants and many other areas

Automatic Disinfection

The world's first self-cleaning technology

Ultra-Large Laser Mapping

Water Circulation Filtration and Disinfection System


Solutions for different industries

Types of Delivery Solution

Types of Cleaning Solution

Types of Disinfection Solution

Types of Chassis Solution

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