Windfire Wheel  Robot

Windfire chassis is a universal mobile robot platform, built-in REEMAN SLAM high-performance autonomous positioning and navigation module, integrated LIDAR, infrared vision, 3D camera, ultrasonic and other sensors, fully functional, open SDK, provide API interface, scalable, users can be equipped with different applications according to actual needs.

Open SDK Platform, Secondary Development Available

As an extensible general-purpose robot platform,  open SDK platform, provides rich API interfaces, with strong scalability, more flexibility, more openness and more stability. The operation is simple, and it can assist developers to deploy quickly and realize the landing of robot applications.

Autonomous Route Planning And Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

In complex and changing environment, through laser SLAM and 3D camera sensor fusion technology, it accurately identifies the surrounding environment, autonomously plans the optimal path, autonomously avoids obstacles and automatically bypasses.


Remote Navigation Deployment

Access the robot’s backend through the robot’s IP and directly control the robot to assist in map construction.


Through the cloud service platform, the robot is connected and controlled remotely, and the navigation map is constructed visually throughout the process, reducing the response time of operation and maintenance services, allowing the robot to be put into use in a shorter period of time and saving time and costs.

Autonomous Dispatching System

Equipped with ReeMan Robot's original autonomous dispatching system, which supports cloud-based location sharing in multiple airport scenes, facilitating the unified management and dispatching of robots, the robots can also run in an orderly manner in congested road sections. When two machines meet, they pass by priority, improving the robot's delivery efficiency.


Autonomous Elevator Riding

It can link up with the elevator control system,
automatically control the operation status of elevator,
realize linkage with elevator and access control

Super Load Capacity, Super Performance

60KG Large Load Capacity

The chassis is fully powered and has perfect transportation capacity, sheet metal structure support, solid and non-deforming, 0.1~1.0m/s speed adjustment, fully meet the load demand of different industries.


No Manual

Automatic Return To Charge

Pre-set the minimum value of power, when the power is below the minimum value, the
robot automatically returns to charging without manual operation.


Suitable For Various Scenarios

The extension of various robots

Hotel Delivery

Food Delivery

Building Distribution

Supermarket Inspection

Hospital Disinfection

Government Affairs Hall Display

Windfire Wheel Detailed Parameters

The data are provided by Reman Laboratory, and the final interpretation right belongs to Reeman


Product Model


Loading Weight Capacity


Battery Life

4 H

Charging Time

Auto Recharge, DC Direct Charging

Charging Method

37V 20A·H

Battery Capacity


Product Size (L×W×H mm)

3 inch

Universal Wheel Size


Battery Life


Rated Power


Product Weight


Moving Speed


Loading Weight Capacity