Cleaning Series

Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection in one commercial cleaning robot

How To Solve The Commercial Cleaning Problem?

High Cleaning Efficiency

Autonomous path planning, more complete coverage

Water Circulation Without Replacement

Large capacity water tank, water circulation
filtration and disinfection, to avoid frequent water changes, cleaning time more durable

A Clean Drag Does Not Hurt The Ground.

Polymer material, every
second in the self-cleaning, where to clean


Large Supermarkets

Large cleaning machines are inconvenient to operate and require manual driving, while our commercial cleaning robots are small and convenient, with automatic obstacle avoidance, and can easily mop large areas


Mopping with built-in UV disinfection module to kill bacteria more effectively

Other Solutions


Easy mopping, solve the problem of food / drink spilled on the floor waiters do not clean up in time, always keep clean

Factory / Workshop

Small commercial robots clean more sensitively and prevent knocking down materials

Convenience Stores

Few staff, cleaning is not timely, and our commercial robots can clean with one key


Automatic cleaning and mopping, keep clean, customer comfort

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