Cavalry Chassis

The Light Cavalry chassis is a general-purpose chassis for mobile robots, with a small and compact body and strong ability to cross narrow roads.

With SLAM 2.0 autonomous positioning and navigation system and laser vision multiple navigation solutions, standardized development software and hardware interfaces, it can be equipped with different applications according to actual needs and support users' rapid secondary development.

Open SDK Platform

Provide rich API interface, reserved long enough connection line, and various development software and hardware interfaces. Full assistance for user development, users can quickly develop robot products according to the actual application scenario requirements.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance, Automatic Detour

ReeMan's self-developed laser SLAM navigation and positioning technology, 230° detection angle, accurate identification of surrounding obstacles, autonomous obstacle avoidance, more adaptable to complex environments.

Remote Navigation Deployment

The world’s original cloud-based remote and convenient deployment capability, through remote control of the robot

Through the cloud service platform, remotely connect and control the robot to build maps, regardless of region, time and experience, and easily complete the map building work, reducing the response time of operation and maintenance services, allowing the robot to be put into use in a shorter period of time, saving time and cost.

Super Long Endurance

Built-in 37V/20Ah high-quality high-capacity lithium battery, full charge life of about 22 hours, when the power is below the minimum, automatically return to the map on the location of the charging post, without manual intervention, automatic charging.


Autonomous Elevator Call/Gate Control

Can be linked with elevator control system and access control to
call the elevator automatically and perform distribution tasks across floors

Super Load Capacity, Super Performance

60KG Large Load Capacity

Full power, 60KG large load, stable and not deformed, fully meet the load requirements of different industries.

No Manual

Automatic Return To Charge

Pre-set the minimum value of power, when the power is below the minimum value,
the robot automatically returns to charging without manual operation.

Applicable To Various Programs

The extension of various robots

Hotel Delivery

Food Delivery

Building Distribution

Supermarket Inspection

Hospital Disinfection

Government Affairs Hall Display

Cavalry Detailed Parameters

The data are provided by Reman Laboratory, and the final interpretation right belongs to Reeman


Product Model


Product Weight

Android (5.1)

Operating System

Micro USB 2.0

USB Debug Port

7-Inch,IPS Screen (16:9)

Display Screen



4Ω/3W Mono Speaker



Hard Drive




Battery Life

Auto Recharge, DC Direct Charging

Charging Method


Product Size (L×W×H mm)