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Technology Disinfection, Guarding Health

SWORT 3 UVC Sterilizing Robot is a robot as a carrier, equipped with six PHILIPS UV lamps, with independent navigation technology and independent movement.According to different scenes set disinfection mode, fully intelligent operation, man-machine separation, to ensure the safety of personnel.Meet the needs of automatic, regular, efficient and accurate disinfection and epidemic prevention in complex indoor environments.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

High Efficiency Sterilization

Customized Routing

Remote Navigation Deployment

Automatic Return To Charge

Automatic Return Charging

Intelligent DisinfectionHigh Efficiency

And Environmental Protection

360° all-round coverage disinfection

The body consists of six 90cm Philips UV-C lamps, with a total lamp power of 180W, arriving at the
disinfection area by means of autonomous navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance

It adopts 254nm high-intensity short-wave ultraviolet light, which can kill the molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, spores and other harmful microorganisms with high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution.

Inactivation rate Up to 99.9999%

Free Calibration Of Disinfection Position

According to the actual needs of the disinfection scenario, disinfection points can be freely added to the robot's navigation map, and the robot will automatically plan the disinfection route according to the set disinfection points.


Incremental Map
Building Function

After the robot map is built, if you want to add additional environments, you can use the incremental map building function to expand the map directly on top of the original map.


Real-Time Data Monitoring

WiFi communication is used to transmit data to the cloud platform to achieve remote status monitoring, real-time data display, and fault diagnosis and analysis of the robot, which is convenient for robot maintenance and management.


Through the Web backend, freely add or delete disinfection points, set the disinfection time in advance, and automatically perform the disinfection task within the specified time.

Instant/Timed Disinfection Tasks

Infrared Human Body
Sensing Device

The top of the robot is equipped with an infrared human sensor switch, which can detect four directions: front, back, left and right, and the detection distance is 6 meters. When detecting people or animals intruding, the machine automatically turns off the lights and can continue to perform disinfection work after leaving, effectively protecting people's safety while achieving efficient disinfection effect.


REEMAN’s unique cloud platform allows remote connection of robots across regions and remote assistance in building navigation maps, making it easy for users to quickly put them into use.

Remote Navigation Deployment

REEMAN Disinfection Robot

Autonomous Indoor Navigation

The robot arrives at the disinfection area through autonomous navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance.

REEMAN Voice Function

Voice Announcement

Customized selection when
performing disinfection tasks

REEMAN Lifetime

Long Lifetime

8000 hours long lifetime. Short-wave 254nm sterilization lamp UV irradiation, efficient disinfection and sterilization

Cloud Platform Remote Navigation Deployment


Suitable For Disinfection In Various Places

Subway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports, customs ports, hospitals, banks, government halls, schools, libraries, nursing homes, orphanages, factories, auto 4S stores, superstores, logistics and storage, restaurants, shopping malls

Subway Stations, High-Speed Rail Stations

Airports, Customs Ports

Banks, Government Halls

Schools, Libraries

Nursing Homes, Orphanages

Restaurants, Shopping Malls

SWORT 3 Detailed Parameters

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Product Model


Lamp Model


Lamp Power


Lamp Length

Battery Type

Battery Pack 10S8P Capacity 20,800 mAh/37V

2.5~3 hours

Battery Life

7-inch,IPS screen (16:9)

Display Screen


Operating System

Automatic recharge,DC direct charge

Charging Method

4Ω/3W Mono Speaker


Chinese, English





Product Weight


Product Size (L×W×H mm)