Robot Chassis

Extra large load capacity
Large load capacity for a wider range of applications

Fly Boat as a one-way backpack handling robot, 300KG large load capacity, equipped with RuiMan self-research SLAM 2.0 autonomous positioning and navigation system, no need to paste code, high precision navigation and positioning, open SDK platform, provide rich API interface, support secondary development or customization services to meet different robot development needs.

Build Maps With High Precision

Detection distance 25m, Equipped with Reeman's self-developed SLAM synchronous positioning map building system, high-precision navigation and positioning, Laser radar, dual 3D cameras, all-round perception of the surrounding environment, efficient and stable operation.

Object Recognition

Dual 3D Cameras,
Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

Laser SLAM + dual 3D camera fusion technology, super environment perception ability, automatic detour in case of obstacles

pallet robots

More flexible and efficient, it can make the robot run in an orderly manner and greatly improve the efficiency. Easy to manage! Say goodbye to chaos~

Multi-Machine Collaboration

The intelligent mobile robot chassis supports the work of multiple machines in the same scene, and can automatically adjust the delivery speed and path of the body according to the priority of the task to improve work efficiency.

Both side drive wheels with shock absorbing suspension system

During the movement of the robot, the posture is smoother,
the steering action is small, and there is no tipping,
effectively reducing problems such as slipping of items during delivery.

Stable And Not Deformed

Design of sheet metal structures

Preferred sheet metal material for high hardness,
corrosion and deformation resistance

So Easy!

Automatic recharging

Custom set minimum power value, when the robot's power falls below the minimum value,
it automatically returns to charging without manual operation.


Suitable For Various Scenarios

The extension of various robots

Hotel Delivery

Food Delivery

Building Distribution

Supermarket Inspection

Hospital Disinfection

Government Affairs Hall Display


*The data are provided by Reman Laboratory, and the final interpretation right belongs to Reeman


Model number

38.4V/25Ah LiFePO4

Battery capacity


Maximum load capacity

8h fully loaded, 25h unloaded



Product size

About 65KG

Weight of the whole machine

Input:AC110-240V 50-60HZ


About 6h

Charging time


Travel speed


Navigation accuracy

Sheet metal

Product Material

Single-axis gyroscope


5.5" hub motor

Motor Drive

Automatic re-charge, direct charge

Charging method

Pallet Robots SDK Platform