Robot Chassis !

Open SDK platform
Provides rich API interfaces and complete development documents, which can realize customized development according to the application requirements of different scenarios.

Small Body, But Has A "Big Effect"

As an extensible general-purpose robot platform,  open SDK platform, provides rich API interfaces, with strong scalability, more flexibility, more openness and more stability. The operation is simple, and it can assist developers to deploy quickly and realize the landing of robot applications.

Build Maps With High Precision

The 25m laser detection distance can perform real-time dynamic detection of the surrounding environment, build high-precision, centimeter-level maps, and support incremental mapping to meet diverse mapping needs.


Dual 3D Cameras,
Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

Laser SLAM + dual 3D camera fusion technology, super environment perception ability, automatic detour in case of obstacles


More flexible and efficient, it can make the robot run in an orderly manner and greatly improve the efficiency. Easy to manage! Say goodbye to chaos~

Multi-Machine Collaboration

The intelligent mobile robot chassis supports the work of multiple machines in the same scene, and can automatically adjust the delivery speed and path of the body according to the priority of the task to improve work efficiency.


Take elevator indepedently

Accurate monitoring and identification of elevator status,
Realize linkage with elevator and access control,
Flexible and stable work across floors.


Drive Wheel Damping Suspension System

The Chassis Runs Smoothly Without Shaking

It is composed of sheet metal structure, 60KG super large carrying capacity, stable and not deformed,
and fully meets the load requirements of different industries.


Deployment Is So Easy!

Easier Operation And Maintenance Of Robots

The world's original cloud remote and convenient deployment capability,
By controlling the robot remotely,
Deploy indoor navigation maps.


Suitable For Various Scenarios

The extension of various robots

Hotel Delivery

Food Delivery

Building Distribution

Supermarket Inspection

Hospital Disinfection

Government Affairs Hall Display

Moon Wheel Knight Details

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Product Model


Loading Weight Capacity

LiFePO4 25Ah/25.6V

Battery Capacity

4 hours

Charging Time

15-20H ( When Loading 30KG)

Battery Life

Single Line Lidar

905nm Wavelength ,Working Area 270 Degrees


Navigation Accurancy

Maximum Output Current 16A

MCU Power Board




Moving Speed

Output: DC28.4V 7A


Sheet Metal + Plastic Shell

Product Material


Product Size (L*W*H mm)