REEMAN Disinfection

High Energy, Fast Sterilization

The UV disinfection robot uses the chassis as a carrier, and the body is equipped with 6 PHILIPS UV-C lamps.UV light irradiation destroys the genetic structure of pathogens so that they can not reproduce and lose infectious, inactivation rate of 99.9999% or more.It is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product with significant advantages such as high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no resistance, and no secondary pollution.

UV Disinfection

Infrared Human Body Sensing Device

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Scheduled Disinfection

Remote Deployment

Automatic Return To Recharge


Ultraviolet Ray Disinfection

360° full range elimination,

no need the personnel on duty

Using short-wave 254nm UV light to irradiate all important surface areas to kill harmful microorganisms, 99.99%
of viruses and bacteria can be eliminated in a short time.

Kills 99.9999% of bacterium and various multi-drug resistant bacteria on the surface of the environment (smooth surface, rough and porous surface)

It has been certified by the authoritative
microbiology testing agency

Quantitative Management Of Disinfection Process

Set the disinfection mode according to different scenarios, master the robot's operation data in real time through the robot's management background, trace the entire process in the cloud, and monitor the robot's disinfection status, disinfection times, disinfection path and disinfection effect in real time


Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

LIDAR perceives the surrounding environment in real time, automatically avoids obstacles, automatically bypasses, and operates stably and safely


Remote Intelligent Control

It can remotely monitor the robot's operation status, remotely issue disinfection tasks, and automatically execute them to achieve human-machine separation, reduce personnel contact, effectively reduce the risk of infection, and ensure personnel safety.


Customized setting of instant/timed disinfection tasks. After receiving the instruction, the robot arrives at the disinfection location to complete the disinfection and automatically returns to charging after the task is completed. Support disinfection tasks at any time of 7*24 hours.

Instant/Timed Disinfection

Infrared Human Body
Sensing Device

The top of the disinfection robot is equipped with an infrared human sensor device, which can sense people and things in four directions: front, back, left and right, with a detection distance of 6 meters. When people or animals are detected intruding, the machine automatically turns off the lights and can continue to perform disinfection work after leaving, effectively protecting personnel safety.


REEMAN’s unique cloud platform allows remote connection of robots across regions and remote assistance in building navigation maps, making it easy for users to quickly put them into use.

Remote Navigation Deployment

REEMAN Disinfection Robot

Indoor Autonomous

The robot arrives at the disinfection area through autonomous
navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance, customizes the
disinfection duration, and disinfects 360° around the disinfection
target location without any dead angle.

REEMAN Voice Function

Voice Broadcast

When performing disinfection tasks, customize the
selection of disinfection start time, the whole disinfection process safe and controllable, running with its own voice alert Peripheral personnel avoid away.

REEMAN Lifetime

Long lifetime

8000 hours long lifetime. Short-wave 254nm sterilization lamp UV irradiation, efficient disinfection and sterilization

Autonomous Elevator (Optional)

Can link with the elevator control system to take the elevator autonomously, perform disinfection tasks across floors, and automatically switch the map of different floors

Suitable For Disinfection In Various Places

Subway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports, customs ports, hospitals, banks, government halls, schools, libraries, nursing homes, orphanages, factories, auto 4S stores, superstores, logistics and storage, restaurants, shopping malls

Subway Stations, High-Speed Rail Stations

Airports, Customs Ports

Banks, Government Halls

Schools, Libraries

Nursing Homes, Orphanages

Restaurants, Shopping Malls

SWORT 1 Detailed Parameters

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Product Model


Lamp Model


Lamp Power


Lamp Length

Battery Type

Battery Pack 10S8P Capacity 20,800 mAh/37V

2.5~3 Hours

Battery Life

7-Inch,IPS Screen (16:9)

Display Screen


Operating System

Auto Recharge, DC Direct Charging

Charging Method

4Ω/3W Mono Speaker


Chinese, English





Product Weight


Product Size (L×W×H mm)