Chassis Series

Provide rich API interface, open SDK platform, can realize customization development according to different scenarios application requirements

What Problems Does The Chassis Solve?

Customized Available

As a scalable and universal robotics platform, theOpen SDK platform, providing rich AP interfaces, can assist developers to quickly deploy and realize robot applications on the ground.

Small Body, Super Strong Load

Sheet metal structure composition, 60KG large load, solid and non-deformingFully meet the load requirements of different industries.

Autonomous Elevator Riding (Optional)

Precise monitoring and identification of elevator status, realizing withelevator and access control linkage for flexible and stable cross-floor work.


Hotel Delivery

Customizable as a delivery robot with automatic elevator rides, automatic obstacle avoidance and navigation


Customizable to clean/disinfect/deliver class robots to solve problems such as contact transmission

Other Solutions

Building Delivery

Can be developed into delivery robots to solve problems such as document/material delivery

Supermarket Inspection

Automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance, can be developed into a superstore inspection robot

Government Hall

Customizable as disinfection/delivery/cleaning robot, solving the problem of disinfection/delivery/cleaning, etc.

Scientific Research Institute/Research Enterprise

We can develop, modify, upgrade, etc. for research robots as research objects.

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