Robot Chassis

As an extensible and versatile robotic platform, Reeman offers an open SDK platform with a wide range of API interfaces. This allows developers to rapidly deploy and implement robot applications. By providing a rich set of APIs, Reeman assists developers in efficiently bringing their robot applications to life.

Moon Knight Robot Chassis

Moon Knight AGV Robot Chassis comes with an open SDK platform and provides multiple API interfaces. It is highly scalable, flexible, open, and stable. It can assist developers in deploying and put tobots into use as soon as possible.

Hot Wheel Robot Chassis

Hot Wheel AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot) Chassis is integrated with various sensor fusion technologies such as LIDAR, 3D cameras, vision cameras, and ultrasonic and infrared sensors to meet different robot development needs.

Big Dog Mobile Robot Chassis

Big Dog Logistics Robot Chassis is a robot platform products with complete and mature perception, positioning and navigation capabilities. We open the SDK and API interfaces to facilitate users' secondary development.

Powerful mapping capabilities.

25m laser detection range for real-time environmental monitoring.

Open SDK platform.

Offering a wide range of API interfaces and comprehensive development documentation, allowing for customized development based on different application requirements in various scenarios.

Exceptional load-bearing capacity.

Composed of sheet metal structure, ensuring stability and resistance to deformation, meeting the load-bearing requirements of different industries.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Laser SLAM + 3D camera fusion technology, providing exceptional environmental perception capabilities and automatic obstacle avoidance.


It provides free access to the SDK and product technical consulting support.

The primary programming language used is Java.

A 25-meter laser detection range, capable of indoor map construction in various complex environments.