REEMAN Postman

Delivery Robot

Enclosed and
safe distribution

QR code identity
verification pickup

obstacle avoidance

intelligent control

Autonomous elevator
call/gate control

Automatic charging

Superb environmental sensing capability
230° detection range

REEMAN's new upgraded intelligent delivery
Just near by you

Autonomous Elevator Ride (Optional)

The robot can link up with the elevator control system to achieve independent elevator call/gate control, automatic map switching, real-time high precision indoor navigation and positioning to achieve different floor distribution tasks.

REEMAN Postman

QR code

Closed security cabinet door, when the robot arrives at the destination, open the cabinet door to pick up the goods by recognizing the cell phone QR code, which can ensure the concealment and security of the delivery process.

REEMAN Voice Mode

Intelligent voice

Humanized pick-up mode, after arriving at the delivery location, automatically announces voice prompts to pick up items, saving time and efficiency

REEMAN load capacity

60KG large
load capacity

The chassis is fully powered and has a large carrying capacity of 60KG, supported by sheet metal structure and three independent storage compartments to meet the distribution needs of various industries.

Autonomous navigation,
no " getting lost " in the whole process

Remote Navigation Deployment

The cloud platform enables remote control of robots and assists users in building maps, breaking the limitations of time, experience and equipment, enabling multi-scene operations, shortening the deployment time of navigation map building, ensuring higher efficiency and more timely service, and putting robots into use in the shortest possible time.

0.5 Seconds

Extremely Fast Obstacle Avoidance


Super Delivery Capacity

15 Hours

Super Long Battery Life


LIDAR Detection Range Up To 25M

5 Million Pixels

Precise Recognition

Super Long Battery Life

Custom Task Settings

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

3D camera + LIDAR, 25m detection distance, can sense the surrounding
environment in real time, automatically avoid obstacles and go around automatically


230° intelligent obstacle avoidance

QR Code Identification To Pick Up

Intelligent management throughout the process, more secure and reliable.


Intelligent Digital Management.

Independent of environmental restrictions


Save time and effort!
Can go up and down the stairs

Cloud Platform Remote Control

It can control the robot remotely, display the operation of the robot
in real time, and can help customers to realize the construction of navigation maps.

Efficient And Convenient Food Delivery Service,
Suitable For All Kinds Of Scenes



shopping mall




Postman Delivery Robot

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Product Model


Operating System


Product Weight


Product Size(L x W x H)

4 Hours

Charging Time

Aluminum Alloy

Product Martial


Cruising Speed

37V 20A·H

Battery Capacity

Chinese, English



High Speed Solid State Drive



Type Of Battery

Battery Pack 10S8P Capacity 20,800 mAh/37V

Charging method

Automatic re-Charge, DC Direct Charging

Case Study

Case study of food delivery solution/Personalized/Characteristic food delivery