How To Solve The Problem Of Sterilization?

99.99% Sterilization Rate

Authoritative testing by WEIPU, Gmicro
Testing and other institutions

Full 360° Coverage

Great coverage and uniformity

Reduce Manual Contact

Interrupt the transmission of bacteria
and viruses to avoid the risk of
cross-contamination of personnel



Hospitals and isolation hotels are full of bacteria and crowded, not suitable for manual disinfection, our disinfection robot disinfection rate up to 99.99%, can block the risk of human-to-human contact disinfection

Subway Station /
High Speed Rail Station

Dense traffic and bacteria, disinfection robots perform disinfection tasks 24 hours a day

Other Solutions

Reeman Robot Disinfection solution for airport

Airports, Customs Ports

Crowded, timely disinfection, hinder the spread of bacteria between

Reeman Robot Disinfection solution for school

Schools / Libraries

The school is large and widely distributed, requiring more thorough disinfection and sterilization

Reeman Robot Disinfection solution for warehouse

Logistics And Warehousing

Cargo piles easily breed bacteria, disinfection robot 24 hours disinfection

Reeman Robot Disinfection solution for government hall

Banks, Government Halls

Too many documents handed over, people and documents are easy to spread bacteria indirectly, disinfection to block the spread of bacteria

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