Delivery robot for hospital

Sterile Delivery

QR Code
Verification Pickup

Obstacle Avoidance

Intelligent Control

Automatic Elevator /
Door Control

Automatic Return
to Recharge

Three-Layer Independent Closed Storage Compartment.
Contactless Delivery, More Safety.

Reeman's Upgraded Intelligent Delivery Robots 
Just Nearly In Sight.

Verify The QR Code When Picking Up, More Safely

The QR code is needed to recognize quickly to verify the identity before picking up, and the corresponding cabinet door is automatically opened to ensure the sterility and safety of the materials,which can be used for the hospital material delivery,such as drugs, foods, surgical clothing, medical supplies and other materials.


Convenient And Efficient
Delivery Robot

Save time for the repeated delivery work. Three layers of an independent storage warehouse do not interfere with each other layers, which ensures safety and accuracy in the delivery task.

REEMAN Voice Mode

Intelligent Voice

In humanized pick-up mode, Panda automatically announces voice prompts to pick up food after arriving at the delivery location.

Large capacity storage warehouse

Scan Code To Pick Up

Contactless delivery, pick up with identity verification, more safety.

Autonomous Navigation, No Worries About "Getting Lost"
Efficient Delivery, Save Effort,Easy To Use

New Breakthroughs In Medical Felivery Robots

Three layers of large capacity storage warehouse, independent delivery, no interference to each layers; No QR code required, easy deployment; Independently taking the elevator, work cross floors ; safety LFP battery; Picking up with QR code verification, more safety.


Free passage of vertical narrow road


Single tray load


Tray cleaning


25-meter lidar detection range

15 hours

battery life


Customize task Settings

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

3D camera + lidar, with a detection distance of 25 meters, which can perceive the surrounding
environment in real time, automatically avoid obstacles, and automatically detour ahead


270° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Taking The Elevator Independently

Autonomously taking the elevator and automatically opening/closing the door after crossing the floor, the map can be automatically switched, achieving the delivery across floors with"zero" obstruction

Automatic Return to Recharge

Automatic return to recharge when the power is lower.
Automatic charging at free time makes the robot 24 hours uninterrupted working.

Save Time And Effort!
Be Able To Go Up And Down Stairs

Cloud Platform Remote Navigation Deployment

Control the robot remotely and report real-time running conditions, helping customers achieve navigation map construction.

Efficient And Convenient Food Delivery Service,
Suitable For All Kinds Of Scenes



shopping mall




White's Detailed Parameters

*All data are provided by REEMAN Laboratory, and the final interpretation right belongs to REEMAN

Android 5.1 And Above

Operation System


Net Weight

420mmX420 mm(total 3 layers )

Tray Size(L x W)


Product Size(W x D x H)


Load Capacity

QR Code Verification

The Way to Open


Height Of Warehouse


Task Configuration

7" (Resolution 1024*600)


25Ah/25.6V Lithium Iron Phosphate

Battery Parameter

3d Camera

Standard Configuration

Customizable Task Setting

Task Configuration

15-20 Hours

Battery Life

Motion Parameter

25m laser navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance
climbing angle:5°,
Swing radius:254mm

Case Study

Case study of food delivery solution/Personalized/Characteristic food delivery