Big Dog  Chassis Robot

Big Dog Chassis is a wheeled robot platform with complete and mature perception, cognition and positioning navigation capabilities.

Full-featured and modular development support, no external environment adjustment and human programming required

Completely open SDK, with rich API interface, scalable, to meet diversified development needs.

Rich Interface, Strong Scalability

Open SDK, providing flexible and rich API interfaces, enables developers to get started quickly in the shortest possible time, leaving behind the tedious hardware control and protocol development, and focusing on the implementation of the business logic of the application itself.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance, Automatic Detour

The big dog chassis adopts laser SLAM + 3D camera fusion technology, with super strong environment perception ability to achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance and detour, which greatly improves the safety of the product.

Remote Navigation Deployment

Making robot map deployment more efficient

Through the Reeman Robotics Cloud Service Platform, we remotely connect and control robots and assist in building navigation maps, reducing the response time of O&M services and allowing robots to be put into service in a shorter period of time.

Autonomous Dispatching System

Equipped with the SLAM positioning and navigation system developed by ReeMan Robotics, the original autonomous dispatching system and multi-machine collaboration facilitate the unified management and dispatching of robots and improve the efficiency of robot distribution.


Autonomous Elevator Calling

Optional addition of ladder control module to achieve seamless docking between robot and ladder control system, execute ladder control commands according to robot system logic, automatically switch maps, complete the robot's independent ride to and from the target floor, and realize cross-floor material transportation.

Super Load Capacity, Super Performance

Super Load Capacity Of 100KG

Big Dog chassis adopts sheet metal structure, large platform space, strong load capacity,
can be a maximum load of 100KG, to meet a variety of transport needs of the industry.

No Manual

Automatic Return To Charge

Pre-set the minimum value of power, when the power is below the minimum value,
the robot automatically returns to charging without manual operation.

Suitable For Various Scenarios

The extension of various robots

Hotel Delivery

Food Delivery

Building Distribution

Supermarket Inspection

Hospital Disinfection

Government Affairs Hall Display

Big Dog Detailed Parameters

The data are provided by Reman Laboratory, and the final interpretation right belongs to Reeman


Product Model


Total Weight

3 Inch

Universal Wheel Size


Navigation Accurancy

16-20H ( When Loading 30KG)

Battery Life


Moving Speed


Loading Weight Capacity

25AH 960WH

Battery Capacity

Metal Case + Plastic Shell

Product Material

Single Line Lidar

Laser Lidar

About 40,000㎡

Construction Area


Product Size (L×W×H mm)