REEMAN Disinfection

Strong Disinfection, Safety Protection

The UV disinfection robot adopts PHILIPS UV-C lamp, which destroys the genetic structure of pathogens through UV light irradiation, making them unable to reproduce and lose their infectiousness, with an inactivation rate of 99.9999% or more. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product

PHILIPS Ultraviolet Light Source

254nm UV Short Wave, High Intensity Sterilization

Infrared Body Sensing

Remote Navigation Deployment

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Automatic Return Charging

Intelligent Sterilizatio
Efficient Environmental Protection

360° coverage disinfection,
Let bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide

The robot is surrounded by six 90 cm Philips UV-C lamps with a total lamp power of 180 W. It arrives at the disinfection area through independent navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance to achieve intelligent and precise disinfection of the environmental surface and air

High efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no resistance and no secondary pollution

Comprehensive and efficient disinfection, sterilization rate of 99.99%

Two disinfection work modes

According to the actual disinfection scene needs, you can choose different disinfection modes, support instant/appointment disinfection, disinfection mode can choose single disinfection, spot disinfection, the whole disinfection with lights on, you can set the continuous disinfection operation time, within the specified time, the robot for repeated disinfection, when the disinfection task is over automatically return to charge.


Remote Map

Enhance service capability by remotely constructing navigation maps, break time and space, experience and equipment restrictions, remotely control the robot's bit position status through the cloud platform, and construct highly accurate visualized navigation maps in real time.


Real-time data monitoring

Use WiFi communication to transmit data to the cloud platform to achieve remote status monitoring, real-time data display, and fault diagnosis and analysis of the robot to facilitate maintenance and management of the robot


Multiple disinfection points can be set on the robot map according to the actual disinfection environment needs, which is very easy to operate

Customized Disinfection Routes

Infrared Body Sensor Switch

The robot is equipped with four infrared sensor modules on top, with a detection distance of 6 meters. When people or animals are detected, the machine automatically turns off the lights and can continue disinfection work after leaving, which is safe and reliable.


The laser SLAM sensor positioning technology optimizes the multi-sensor fusion sensing algorithm in the navigation process, and provides high-precision positioning and navigation for the robot in complex and large scenes.

Highly Accurate Navigation And Positioning

REEMAN Disinfection

Indoor Autonomous Navigation

Rely on laser SLAM navigation and positioning technology, mature navigation algorithms, real-time catching map data, synchronized positioning, so that the robot can navigate indoors autonomously

REEMAN Voice Broadcast Function

Voice Announcement Reminder

Customized disinfection prompting language, robot automatically announces voice when performing disinfection tasks to remind the surrounding people to avoid leaving.

REEMAN Long Lamp Life

No Decay High Efficiency

High-quality Philips UV lamp with more than 8000h lifetime

Cloud Platform Remote Navigation Deployment


Suitable For Disinfection In Various Places

Subway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports, customs ports, hospitals, banks, government halls, schools, libraries, nursing homes, orphanages, factories, auto 4S stores, superstores, logistics and storage, restaurants, shopping malls

Subway Stations, High-Speed Rail Stations

Airports, Customs Ports

Banks, Government Halls

Schools, Libraries

Nursing Homes, Orphanages

Restaurants, Shopping Malls

Spark Detailed Parameters

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Product Model


Lamp Model


Lamp Power


Lamp Length

Battery Pack 10S8P Capacity 20,800 mAh/37V

Battery Type


Battery Life

7-Inch,IPS Screen (16:9)

Display Screen


Operating System

Auto Recharge, DC Direct Charging

Charging Method

4Ω/3W Mono Speaker


Chinese, English





Product Weight


Product Size (L×W×H mm)