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Commercial places like hotels, public malls, hospitals, and many more are of such nature that are highly susceptible to more germs and need proper sanitation and cleaning.

Multiple people come in contact with public places, and everyone comes from a different background. Some might be unwell and carry germs that can be transferred to others.

Especially after COVID, cleaning and sanitation have become a primary concern in all sectors, especially public places.

Developed countries are now looking forward to using a UV disinfection robot to clean such places rather than depending on humans.

There could be many reasons that compel these public sectors to invest in such robots and to know more, and you must walk through this guide below.

1. What is a UV disinfection robot?

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UV disinfection robots are different from other cleaning robots, and these robots use a non-touch method of cleaning, which means while cleaning, germs from one place do not transfer to another.

These robots use UV rays for the cleaning process and are highly specialized to detect the presence of viruses.

They tend to disinfect the areas where the public is present frequently by using the radiations that end up killing the microorganisms.

Other disinfection robots use chemicals for cleaning that create contact with the surfaces, which could cause concern for the spread of viruses.

Therefore the development of UV disinfection robots has changed the way things work and has made it easier to sanitize surfaces with no contact using UV rays.

These robots use radiation and hence offer an environment-friendly solution to public places when it comes to sanitizing these places from all sorts of viruses.

UV disinfection robots are efficient and offer highly specialized cleaning, which is impossible for humans to carry out and therefore proves to be a better alternative to humans when it comes to cleaning.

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2. How Do UV Disinfection Robots Help? (Benefit of using disinfection robots)

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UV disinfection robots have taken a wide place in the public sector because of the excellent help they offer, there are many ways in which the disinfection robots could be of ease, and some of them are discussed below:

• The risk of exposure to viruses is reduced by implementing these robots, even if manual cleaning is conducted for the same surfaces.

• These robots eliminate germs with non-touch technology; later on, risk-free cleaning could be carried out.

• They are programmed so that they can pick their targets in no time, and they immediately disinfect the surfaces that are most touched to ensure effectiveness.

• Manual cleaning has a limited capacity which is absent when it comes to these robots, they can clean as many times as needed without any problem, and hence the frequency and capacity are maintained.

• In cases where the cleaning staff is less or absent, a UV disinfection robot offers an immediate replacement, and the cleaning and disinfection continue.

• These robots can easily be programmed with schedules, making it easier for managers and supervisors because they don’t need to schedule them repeatedly.

• They can assess the virus’s presence by analyzing the air, which could keep the managers informed.

• By implementing the UV disinfection robots, the reputation of the public place may be enhanced, and people coming there would be comforted by knowing that hygienic measures are taken.

3. Advantages of UV disinfection robots

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The use of UV disinfection robots is increasing day by day. It is because of the various advantages they are equipped with; some of these advantages comprise the following:

• Compared to human cleaning, a UV disinfection robot is more frequent; using labor won’t offer this kind of consistency and back-to-back disinfection like robots do.

• The disinfection offered by UV robots is identical every time, whereas, in the case of humans, it is not identical and is rather very varied depending upon the mood and ability of the laborer.

• Robots can standalone carry out the disinfection process with no human intervention, which eliminates the exposure of humans to viruses if present.

• In the healthcare sector, UV disinfectant robots are suitable for avoiding cross-transmission viruses.

• UV rays leave no remains and residues, so it is a suitable method of disinfection rather than using cleaning materials.

• The use of chemicals for cleaning causes damage to the environment, whereas UV rays are environment-friendly.

• Hiring multiple people for cleaning tasks eliminates when such technology is implemented for sanitization, and more workers could be needed.

4. Disadvantages of UV disinfection robots

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UV disinfection robots are pretty advantageous, but there are certain limitations associated with them, and these are provided below:

• Space is one of the common issues that these disinfection robots might face while they work in public places, especially at hospitals. When it comes to having a full occupancy rate, it becomes difficult for the robots to perform the function.

• Programming the UV disinfectant robots is a technical task; a well-equipped supervisor is needed to create schedules and programs for them to function.

• The UV disinfection robots require an environment that doesn’t interfere with the workflow of the commercial place; hence in hospitals, the workflow is continued, and it gets difficult to use such robots.

• There is a limitation on the size and the number of robots that could be employed, and one size might not be a suitable choice for every size of space; the bigger ones need more and bigger robots to function well.

• A UV disinfection robot is an expensive investment that might only suit some commercial sectors depending on their budget.


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In the present situation, using these UV disinfection robots has become a common approach for sanitizing places. However, the infrastructure of these places still needs to support using these robots to utilize their performance fully.

In the future, these robots will form an integral part of the public sector, especially the healthcare sector, provided that new hospitals and other commercial places are designed to support the use of these robots.

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Our skilled and experienced team of engineers, with their excellent expertise, can manufacture and program these robots to provide maximum advantage to our clients.

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