Breaking through the fixed trend of the cleaning market, how can Snail cleaner robot break through?

In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, the development of AI intelligent technology has ushered in a new climax. Robot products are more and more widely used in daily life. Cleaning robots, as some technological cleaning equipment, have gradually evolved from stand-alone models to base station models. , the cleaning ability is continuously enhanced, and the functions are becoming more and more powerful, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of cleaning robots towards intelligence, automation and specialization.

As the new brand of Reeman Robotics in the field of intelligent cleaning, Snail cleaner robot has always been very eye-catching in the field of commercial cleaning. The product uses structural innovation and technological innovation to directly hit the pain points of users. The world’s first self-cleaning technology realizes cleaning A comprehensive upgrade of the experience, the sponge roller made of special polymer materials, self-cleaning 60 times per minute, mopping the floor without secondary pollution, and equipped with a multi-functional intelligent base station, to achieve multiple functions such as automatic water change, automatic dust collection and automatic charging In one, it is widely used in many fields such as office buildings, cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

In the field of commercial cleaning, Snail cleaner robot broke the situation with a new self-cleaning mopping method, breaking through the cleaning market, applying “artificial intelligence + Internet of Things” technology to the field of unmanned driving, self-cleaning rollers while mopping the floor, It is equipped with UV ultraviolet lamps to sterilize the ground with light, and uses its mopping system to clean and absorb dust and dirt. Save the time and energy required for manual cleaning by automating the cleaning process, freeing workers from repetitive tasks to focus on other meaningful work tasks.

At the technical level, Snail cleaner robot is equipped with an intelligent base station with a built-in large-capacity water tank, which can supply water to the robot and extract sewage. The base station can seamlessly connect with faucets and floor drains, and flush the water tank of the base station with one button, truly freeing hands. As far as the cleaning industry is concerned, Snail cleaner robot breakthrough technological innovations are far more than those mentioned above. Based on the brand’s strong technical strength and firm R&D investment, Snail cleaner robot has become a leader in the cleaning field.

As far as commercial scenarios are concerned, the Snail Cleaner robot is suitable for small and medium-sized indoor scenarios of 1000 square meters. It realizes one-click cleaning through the APP, automatically generates cleaning maps, global intelligent planning, custom cleaning areas, scheduled cleaning tasks, and visualized cleaning paths throughout the process, to display the running status of the robot in real time. It supports anti-drop, automatic return to charging, and “continuous scanning at breakpoints” to achieve high coverage, no repetition, and no missed scanning to achieve fast and efficient cleaning operations.

The future of commercial cleaning robots looks bright, and advances in AI technology will make them smarter and more efficient. With the exploration of cleaning technology, Snail Cleaner attaches great importance to user experience, understands the needs of users, and adds other functions required by users to the original core capabilities of products, and then enriches the use scenarios of products, which also reflects the future of Snail Jieshi Unlimited potential for high-quality development.

In the future, Reeman Robot will always adhere to the corporate mission of “Let robots help us everywhere”, adhere to the spirit of creators, drive by innovative technology, continue to make efforts in the field of cleaning, and increase investment in product technology upgrades. Dig deep into the technical level and application scenarios, and use the benchmarking effect to drive the continuous upgrading of the entire industry to accelerate the real arrival of the era of commercial cleaning.