Deligo Delivery Robot in Colombian Restaurant Brings New Experience to Customers

Reeman is a company that focuses on the intelligent robotics industry, deeply cultivating technology and products in the field of artificial intelligence. Its mission is to “make robots help humans everywhere” and is committed to driving the commercial transformation of the robotics industry and creating more value for users. Recently, in a Japanese restaurant called EL JRPonEs in Colombia, they have made multiple purchases of the Deligo delivery robots, and Chris was interviewed about their use in the restaurant.

Deligo food delivery robot
Deligo Food Delivery Robot

The interview with Chris reveals a clear reason behind his interest in the Deligo delivery robots and their multiple purchases. Firstly, the delivery robots significantly alleviate the workload of the waitstaff. In the past, the waitstaff had to frequently travel between the kitchen and the guests’ tables, which would reduce work efficiency and increase the likelihood of errors. With the delivery robots, the waitstaff can focus more on interacting with guests and providing a superior service experience. Secondly, the use of delivery robots allows the restaurant to serve more customers, reducing waiting times and improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, the introduction of delivery robots enhances the restaurant’s technological appeal, attracting more young people and families to visit. Lastly, the operating cost of the delivery robots is relatively low, making it a wise long-term investment choice for restaurant operators.

After the introduction of the Deligo delivery robots, Chris shared an interesting story. Once, a parent brought their child to dine at the restaurant, and the child was very interested in the delivery robot, considering it as a playmate and looking forward to interacting with it. This innovative way of interaction left a strong impression on the child and prompted them to visit again. This story demonstrates the importance of innovative technology in attracting customers and providing unique experiences.

restaurant robot
Restaurant Robot

Through the interview and on-site observation, it is evident that Reeman’s Deligo delivery robots have been successfully applied in the EL JRPonEs restaurant. The delivery robots not only reduce the workload of the waitstaff, improve the restaurant’s service efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also bring more customers and increased revenue to the restaurant. Chris’ recognition of the delivery robots and their multiple repurchases also highlights their importance in restaurant operations.

The successful experience of EL JRPonEs restaurant in implementing robot delivery provides valuable insights for other restaurants. Globally, the restaurant industry is facing increasingly fierce competition and evolving consumer demands. Introducing intelligent technology, improving service quality, and innovating experiences have become important strategies for restaurant operators to address challenges and achieve success.

service robot
Service Robot

With the development of the global restaurant industry, delivery robots, as one of the intelligent solutions, will offer greater business opportunities for restaurants. The continuous advancement and increased intelligence of delivery robot technology make navigation and deployment easier and more efficient. The application of laser SLAM navigation and positioning eliminates the need for location tags that could affect the restaurant’s decor and does not require changes to the space structure.

robot chassis
Robot Chassis

Through laser SLAM combined with dual 3D cameras and sensor fusion algorithms, the robot’s chassis possesses mature and stable navigation algorithms and excellent positioning, navigation, and path planning capabilities, ensuring smooth operation without causing food spills. Additionally, delivery robots offer multiple delivery modes to meet different delivery needs. These intelligent technologies will further change the operational models and customer experiences in restaurants.

From intelligent ordering systems to automated kitchen equipment, from smart delivery robots to virtual reality interactive experiences, intelligent technology is playing an increasingly important role in the restaurant industry. Restaurant operators need to seize the opportunities presented by technological advancements and choose suitable intelligent solutions based on their restaurant’s characteristics and customer needs. At the same time, training and skill development for restaurant staff are also crucial factors for successfully implementing intelligent technology. Only with the dual support of technology and talent can restaurants achieve more efficient, innovative, and satisfying operations.

delivery robot
Delivery Robot

Reeman’s Deligo delivery robot is not only an efficient delivery solution but also an embodiment of innovative technology. EL JRPonEs restaurant has successfully combined modern technology with culinary culture by introducing the delivery robots, providing customers with a brand new dining experience. Customers not only enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine but also have the opportunity to interact with robots and experience the charm of intelligent service.

Reeman will continue to focus on the research and development of innovative commercial robot technology, providing intelligent solutions to various industries and helping businesses achieve more efficient, convenient, and innovative operational models.

Reeman’s Deligo delivery robot

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