Deligo Food delivery robot – The perfect combination of intelligent technology and quality service

food delivery robot

Food Delivery Robot

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence is gradually being applied to various fields, including the food and beverage industry. As people’s demand for efficient and convenient catering services continues to increase, delivery robots, as a new emerging delivery method, are rapidly becoming popular. As a new flagship product under Reeman, the Deligo Food delivery robot provides users with more efficient and convenient delivery methods, effectively reducing labor costs, optimizing operational models, and injecting new vitality into the catering industry.

New laser SLAM navigation algorithm

restaurant robot

Restaurant Robot

The Deligo Food delivery robot adopts Reeman’s latest 3.0 navigation algorithm, with a chassis equipped with dual 3D cameras and a laser radar, which can accurately perceive the surrounding environment in real time and ensure the accuracy and efficiency of food delivery even in complex indoor environments. It also has autonomous planning of the optimal delivery route, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and active detouring functions, avoiding accidents such as collisions during the delivery process and ensuring delivery safety.

In addition, the delivery method of the Deligo Food delivery robot is very user-friendly. After arriving at the target table location, it adopts methods such as voice broadcast for picking up the food, reminders for picking up the wrong food, and smart lighting guidance for the food tray to provide users with more intimate services and enhance the dining experience for customers.

Car-level independent suspension structure

delivery robot

Delivery Robot

Compared with robots in other scenarios, food delivery robots have extremely high requirements for shock absorption performance. To solve this difficult problem, the Deligo Food delivery robot has taken the lead in adopting an independent suspension structure, which can effectively alleviate the impact of uneven ground and make the robot run more smoothly, with more flexible turning and reduced shaking during operation, thereby avoiding spills of liquid dishes and improving delivery efficiency.

Centralized dispatch system

autonomous delivery robot

Autonomous Delivery Robot

In the same working scenario, the Deligo Food delivery robot’s powerful autonomous dispatch system realizes multi-robot collaboration and orderly operation. The robots communicate with each other and can quickly respond to user needs, improving the overall delivery efficiency. Especially when driving in narrow aisles, one of them will take the initiative to give way to avoid problems caused by blockages and reduce delivery efficiency. At the same time, Deligo’s autonomous dispatch system can intelligently adjust according to changes in user needs and delivery routes, ensuring more efficient and convenient delivery tasks.

Lithium iron phosphate safe and environmentally friendly battery

food service robots

Food Service Robots

In terms of safety, the Deligo Food delivery robot is equipped with a large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, which is heat-resistant, non-combustible, and non-explosive. It also supports fast charging for quicker charging. The discharge cycle can reach up to 2000 times, with a longer service life. In addition, lithium iron phosphate batteries have higher safety and environmental protection, do not produce harmful chemicals, and do not pollute the environment.

When the food delivery robot is below the minimum preset value, it automatically returns to the charging station for charging, ensuring that the robot can be charged in time after completing the delivery task, reducing the workload of maintenance personnel and improving the efficiency of robot use.

Overall, Deligo Food delivery robot has a perfect combination of intelligent technology and quality service, providing users with more efficient and convenient delivery methods, effectively reducing labor costs and optimizing business models, and injecting new vitality into the catering industry.

Restaurant Delivery Robot

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