How ChatGPT and Robotics Will Evolve

Currently, AI technology represented by ChatGPT is exploding on the Internet. As an artificial intelligence technology-driven natural language processing tool, it can not only conduct conversations by learning and understanding human language and interact with chats according to the context, but also write copy and code, answer questions and search for answers automatically.

Service robots are widely used in government, taxation, public security, banking, hospitals, etc. When OpenAI announces the opening of ChatGPT and Whisper APIs, service robots and ChatGPT will be able to provide a more efficient and effective way to solve problems. What kind of sparks will emerge from the encounter between the “big brother of technology”?

Robots are the most important terminal for ChatGPT to relate to the physical world. Service robots connected to ChatGPT can not only think independently like people and answer users’ questions accurately, but also provide service robots with more comprehensive artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that the emergence of ChatGPT has raised the ability of human-robot interaction to a higher level. As a leader in the field of service robots for many years, Reeman Robot inspects the development trend of the industry with a forward-looking vision and integrates ChatGPT into the application of service robots through ChatGPT model API interface, bringing infinite innovative possibilities for the development of service robots.

It is understood that ChatGPT is built based on the GPT-3 architecture introduced by OpenAI in 2020, and the ChatGPT API price is one-tenth of the price of OpenAI’s existing GPT-3 API. This large model based on large-scale data training also provides new ideas and ways for the research of AI applications in specific fields, solving some specific This large model based on large-scale data training also provides new ideas and avenues for research on domain-specific AI applications to solve some domain-specific human-computer interaction problems, such as some common-sense, transactional Q&A.

As an AI language model, ChatGPT does not have built-in speech recognition function. The service robot itself is equipped with a speech recognition module that integrates ChatGPT’s functions to quickly recognize user questions and use natural language processing technology to analyze and understand the meaning of user input through ChatGPT’s “super brain”, which can recognize key words and phrases, understand the context, and generate appropriate responses based on this understanding. It recognizes keywords and phrases, understands the context, and generates appropriate responses based on this understanding.

Traditional service robots rely on recognizing keywords asked by users or guiding users to self-help queries. ChatGPT uses deep learning technology and large-scale training scenarios to achieve advanced multi-dimensional functions to understand and use human language, which is very suitable for the needs of hospital guidance, government agencies, bank reception, showroom reception, new retail shopping guide, and other fields. One of the core requirements of the service industry is patience and attentiveness, and service robots connected to ChatGPT will not only avoid “answering inaccurate questions”, but also give more complete and careful answers.

With ChatGPT’s empowerment and “speed up” in robotics, traditional service robots will evolve from “functional” to “intelligent”, and the development of AI technology should aim at The development of AI technology should aim at human needs and solve practical problems for users, and the integration of ChatGPT with robots with powerful functions is not a fully automated process, but a tool to enhance robot capabilities. In the future, ChatGPT may lead important changes in service robots in industrial production, social services and other fields, and lead the wave of diversified development in the robotics industry.

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