Is Investing in Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots Worth It?

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots

Commercial Cleaning Robot

If you own a large company or offices in different locations, you might be wondering about investing in a commercial floor-cleaning robot. While they can save on labor costs, are they worth it and can they do a better job than humans? 

This guide has all the answers. 

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With a robot, you never have to worry about a worker being late or a worker being too tired to do the job well. You will also have efficient and consistent results each time you have the robot clean. 

Cost Savings

Save costs on labor by not having to hire an extra person for floor cleaning. You will also spend less money on floor cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. 

Enhanced Cleaning Performance

With a commercial cleaning robot, the performance is enhanced and consistent. 

Improved Safety

Since there is a robot doing the work, you don’t have to worry about wet floors or wet floor signs. Commercial cleaning robots are also better at eliminating bacteria and pathogens. 

Better Employee Satisfaction

Your employees can focus on other tasks that they enjoy doing. They won’t have to worry about cleaning the floors. They will also enjoy not having to do repetitive tasks. 

Disadvantages of Investing in Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

sweeper robot

Sweeper Robot

High Initial Investment

One of the major disadvantages is that you will have to first pay quite a bit of money to purchase the robot and all the necessary equipment that goes along with it. 

Limited Flexibility and Adaptability

Most floor-cleaning robots cannot go up ramps or down very narrow passages. They could also get stuck somewhere or have technical glitches at any time. 

Maintenance Costs

Commercial floor cleaning robots can be costly to repair. To avoid repairs, you need to ensure you are doing regular maintenance although this too can be expensive. 

Potential Job Loss

With more robots entering offices and hospitals, there are fewer jobs needed for cleaning. You will probably have to lay off a few workers depending on how many robots you buy and what your business is. 

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robots

Commercia Mopping Robot

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

Size of Facility

Cleaning robots work best in large spaces. Most people that use commercial cleaning robots have schools, airports, warehouses, or hospitals. They are not especially suited for small businesses and are probably not worth the investment if you don’t have a large space. 

Type of Flooring

Most commercial cleaning robots work better on hardwood floors or tiles. They are less effective at cleaning carpets and rugs. However, there are robots that can be programmed to clean thin carpets such as the ones found in hotels or office buildings. 

Cleaning Needs

How often does your space need to be cleaned? The more germs there are, the more cleaning needs you have. Places like schools and hospitals are known to carry many germs and could especially benefit from a cleaning robot. 


If you’re on a low budget, getting a commercial cleaning robot might not be the best plan. You might want to save up some money before investing in something that can really make a huge dent in your wallet. 

Not all companies have room in their budget for a commercial cleaning robot. Sit down with your accountant or financial planner and see if it’s a good investment for you right now. 

If not, you can always wait until another time when you have more money. 

Availability of Skilled Labor

Where you live also depends on if you will benefit from a commercial cleaning robot or not. Some cities have more labor than others so it could be cheaper for you to hire a professional cleaning crew. 

You will also need to live in an area where you have technicians that can do maintenance and repairs on the robot to keep it functioning efficiently. 

Case Studies of Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots

Cleaning application scenarios
Cleaning Application Scenarios

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots in Hospital

Robots are especially useful in hospital settings when it comes to cleaning. Robots are more effective and efficient at getting rid of dangerous pathogens and bacteria that can cause diseases. 

You can program the robot to clean every surface and inch of the hospital. They can also clean the area much faster than a cleaning crew can. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots in Hotel

Hotels are also common places where bacteria and viruses grow. People often feel more confident staying in a hotel when there is a robot doing the cleaning because they are more efficient at ridding the area of pathogenic particles. 

They can also take some of the work away from the hotel cleaners so the staff can focus more on caring for the customers. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots in Office Buildings

Most office buildings need to be cleaned at the end of every day. This allows food and dust particles to be removed. When the office is cleaned with a commercial cleaning robot, your staff can worry less about allergies and getting sick due to a dirty office. 

Reeman commercial floor cleaning robot

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Reeman Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots Solution

Reeman has many different commercial floors cleaning robots to choose from depending on your company’s needs. There is a full range of cleaning robots to choose from including a whole line of disinfecting robots if you need something a little more powerful for your business. 

 All the robots come with special technology that allows you to fully map out your buildings including furniture, doors, and other obstacles. 

With just a push of a button, you can have a commercial floor cleaning robot that does all the work for you. Choose from sweeper robots, mopping robots, or disinfection robots. 


cleaning robot

Cleaning Robot

So, is a commercial floor cleaning robot worth it? In most cases, yes. You just need to consider your business needs and what type of building you have. Floor cleaning robots are much more effective and consistent compared to a cleaning staff that you may hire. With a robot, you will never stress about productivity or cleanliness. 

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