Large-Scale Application of Reeman’s AMR in Light Industry: A Dual Manifestation of Innovation and Potential

robot chassis

Robot Chassis

In recent years, Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) have emerged as a trending technology in the field of industrial automation. With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing, AMRs are rapidly transforming production modes across various industries. Notably, a company named Reeman has recently drawn extensive attention within the industry, with its AMR products being widely adopted in light industry factories such as clothing and food factories in China and Southeast Asia.

Autonomous Mobile Robot
Autonomous Mobile Robot

Light industry occupies a significant position in China’s economy. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, light industry involves 20 major categories and 68 sub-categories in the national economy, driving employment for 35 million people in total. Of the 3.847 million manufacturing enterprises in 2020, 720,000 belong to the light industry. He Yaqiong, the Director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that “after years of development, China has truly become a major country in light industry. In 2021, the added value of China’s light industry accounted for 16.9% of the country’s industrial added value, with the production volume of over 100 categories of light industrial products ranking first in the world.”

AMR robot

AMR Robot

The success of Reeman’s AMR products is not accidental. It is the result of the company’s in-depth understanding of industry needs, innovative product design, and a strategy of open cooperation. Low cost and ease of use are two major advantages of Reeman’s AMR, making light industry factories, which may hesitate due to cost issues, more willing to try introducing AMR. For these factories, especially clothing and food factories, AMR can help solve problems such as high labor costs and low efficiency, further improving production efficiency and quality.

mobile robot chassis

Mobile Robot Chassis

In addition, the open-source code of Reeman’s AMR is another crucial factor in its popularity. Open-source code means that these factories can conveniently dock AMR with their management software systems according to their own needs, increasing its application flexibility. This openness allows all kinds of factories to easily integrate AMR into their existing production systems, further enhancing the practicality of AMR.

agv chassis

AGV Chassis

In summary, the large-scale application of Reeman’s AMR in light industry factories in China and Southeast Asia is the result of the combination of its product advantages and industry needs. In the future, with the continuous development of light industry and further improvement of AMR technology, we have reason to believe that companies like Reeman will create more value in the light industry field.

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