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transport robot
Transport Robot

As factory production automation continues to advance, robots have been widely used as efficient and intelligent tools for material transportation and distribution. Reeman Robotics, based on years of experience and technological accumulation in the robot industry, independently developed factory distribution robots to achieve automatic handling, loading and unloading, and warehousing of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, leading the digital transformation of factories.

Factory distribution robots can achieve automated distribution, replacing traditional manual handling. Traditional manual distribution of goods requires a lot of time and labor, and is also prone to human errors, affecting production efficiency. However, distribution robots can accurately and efficiently execute tasks, greatly improving work efficiency and safety, effectively reducing labor, and saving labor costs.

Warehouse Automation Robot
Warehouse Automation Robot

In addition, factory distribution robots can also improve workers’ work environment by replacing humans to perform heavy, dangerous, and highly repetitive transportation tasks, thereby reducing workers’ workload, improving work efficiency, and improving the work environment, thereby avoiding workers’ health and safety issues.

With the strong 3.0 navigation algorithm of Reeman Robotics, the factory distribution robot adopts laser SLAM autonomous navigation, without the need for code pasting, making installation and deployment easier, autonomously selecting the best path, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and stable operation. The original autonomous dispatch system, multi-machine collaboration, and orderly operation avoid blocking problems between robots. Distribution robots have strong environmental adaptability and can quickly adapt to changes in target points to avoid unnecessary stops.

robot chassis
Robot Chassis

At the same time, the distribution robot also has the characteristics of high safety and strong reliability, thereby avoiding interference from human factors, reducing errors and losses, and demonstrating strong practicality and flexibility. Through the dual 3D camera sensor and laser radar positioning system, the surrounding environment and location can be accurately judged to avoid collisions and accidents, ensuring the safety of the production line and realizing refined, intelligent, and flexible factory management.

As a pioneer and pioneer of the new generation of intelligent mobile robots in China, Reeman Robotics, with its keen market insight, builds different types of robot chassis products according to the needs of different application scenarios, with different load capacities, battery types, and appearances, and has a complete navigation positioning and path planning capabilities to adapt to different distribution needs in different scenarios.

In the future, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and automation technology, factory distribution robots will be increasingly widely used in the production and logistics fields, becoming an important part of logistics automation. It will bring more efficient, safer, and cost-saving logistics management models to enterprises. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous upgrading of robots, factory distribution robots will be more widely used, becoming an important support and driving force for logistics automation.

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