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With the continuous development of 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, the wave of intelligent manufacturing is quickly sweeping across the globe, and more and more enterprises are realizing the importance of automation and intelligence in improving production efficiency and reducing costs. As an indispensable part of the automated production line, the robot application market is also rapidly expanding. Robot chassis, as an important component of robot technology, play an increasingly important role in both the manufacturing and service industries.

As a pioneer and innovator in China’s new generation of intelligent mobile robots, Reeman Robotics has achieved large-scale applications in the industrial field with its high stability and superior technical capabilities, providing global customers with a more flexible, open, and stable robot platform. Based on deep industry and technical accumulation, Reeman Robotics has opened up its SDK and launched a universal robot mobile chassis, leading China’s industrial robots to advance rapidly in the era of waves.

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Autonomous Mobile Robot

It is understood that the robot chassis is one of the core components of the robot, which allows the robot to move freely in different environments and perform various tasks. In addition to some software functions, the hardware module of the robot chassis also includes other important parts. The robot chassis not only integrates various sensors, machine vision, laser radar, hub motors and other devices, but also carries the basic functions of robot positioning, navigation, and obstacle avoidance, which are very important for the robot.

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AMR Robot

However, developing a universal robot mobile chassis is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of time and effort to develop and test the SDK to ensure its stability and reliability. By opening up the SDK of the robot chassis, more users can participate in robot development. Developers can create different types of robot products based on Reeman’s code, and anyone can develop their own robot application program on our platform and apply it to the robot chassis, promoting innovation and development of robot technology and application scenarios.

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Robot Chassis Open SDK

With strong technological research and development advantages and keen market insights, Reeman Robotics has created different types of robot chassis products according to the needs of different application scenarios, with different load capacities, different battery types, and different appearance styles. Each robot chassis has complete navigation positioning and path planning capabilities and has been deeply optimized in navigation algorithms, positioning, mapping, etc., making the robot’s path planning smoother, travel routes more direct, and posture more stable.

Overall, with the increasing popularity of mobile robots, universal robot chassis meet the diverse needs of the market. Reeman Robotics, through opening up its SDK, allows more people to participate in robot creation, promoting innovation and development of robot technology, and enabling more people to realize their robot dreams. In the future, in the wave of artificial intelligence technology, robots will create more value and convenience for humanity.

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