The Advantages of Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots for Large Facilities

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Whether you have a hospital, a hotel, or another large facility, you might be thinking about getting an industrial cleaning robot to help take some of the burdens off your traditional cleaning staff. 

This guide will cover all the advantages of using an industrial floor cleaning robot

1. Increased Efficiency

Robots can work faster than humans because they never get tired. They can also provide consistent work since they don’t deal with emotional or physical fatigue. Even if the day was hard for your human workers, a robot will still be able to come in and do all the necessary cleaning. 

Robots can also clean larger areas quicker because they can wheel around the area while self-cleaning their brushes. Humans would have to stop to get fresh mop water, untangle hair from a broom, or gather more cleaning supplies. 

Human cleaning time to robot cleaning time will depend on the robot you are using and the area that is being cleaned. If a robot has a well-planned map and a large battery capacity, it can clean a large area in about the half time it takes a human to clean it. 

When you have an efficient robot cleaning your area, you save valuable time and money. You can spend far less on paying the wages of cleaning staff. You will also spend less money on cleaning supplies and cleaning chemicals.  

2. Enhanced Safety

Some items in a workplace or hospital can be potentially dangerous for other humans to clean. These include bathrooms and places where patients in a healthcare setting have spread their bodily fluids. 

Robots can take this health burden away and clean areas that are particularly dirty. 

Certain jobs have cleaning staff members doing the same repetitive motions all day long. This can lead to workplace accidents and injuries which your company will then have to pay for. 

Robots are built with sensors where that can detect obstacles and things around them. This keeps them from bumping into things. You can also put all obstacles on the map you plan for them so they know how to get around them. 

Many commercial cleaning robots can test indoor quality as well as reduce CO2 emissions. Robots also contribute less to global warming compared to chemical disinfectants and other cleaning substances. 

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3. Improved Quality of Cleaning

Most human cleaners will use a broom and mop to clean areas. Some might also use vacuums depending on the company. All these methods are inferior to robots that can suction dirt off the floors and off of the carpet. 

With the sensors that robots have in them, they can also remove more debris and dirt. If they roam over the area again and see there is still dust, they can backtrack and remove more of it the second time. 

Smaller cleaning robots can go under furniture and desks whereas humans will often skip cleaning these areas unless they have been hired to do a deep clean that involves moving furniture around and cleaning under it. 

Some industrial cleaning robots can also detect pathogens and bacteria. They are better at cleaning harmful pathogens away from surfaces compared to humans. Robots also have better cleaning power meaning they can suction dirt away that is embedded into the floor or carpet. Humans cannot do this even if they have industrial tools that are better at cleaning than basic products. 

Reeman’s cleaning robots have all the features you need to be able to clean better and faster. Reeman has a full line of cleaning robots and a full line of disinfection robots. So there is a perfect robot for you depending on what is better for your company. 

All of the robots are designed to be able to go under furniture and around obstacles so you never have to worry about finding the robot stuck on something. 

The powerful brushes can pull dirt and debris out of the floor easier and better than what a human could do with a vacuum. 

The best part about the robots is that the brushes are self-cleaning. You never have to worry about spending hours cutting away hair and dust from bristles as you do with traditional vacuums. 

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4. Cost Savings

When you use a robot to do your cleaning, you automatically save a huge chunk of money because you are spending less on labor. When you have human workers, you need to pay them hourly plus overtime. Some companies also have to pay workers more when they work on holidays or when they work overnight. 

With a robot, you deduct all these expenses from your payroll. You also don’t have to worry about training new cleaning staff or finding more workers when someone quits. 

When you have traditional workers, you also have to buy cleaning supplies including soap, disinfectants, brooms, mops, paper towels, wipes, and many other materials that are needed for cleaning. 

These costs can be huge if you have a large business that requires cleaning materials on every floor. Some workers might also not use these supplies well and use much more than needed. 

Not only can robots save you the high costs of labor and cleaning supplies, but they also prolong the life of your flooring materials. Robots can be adapted to clean deeper or lighter depending on the flooring. 

With a robot, you also don’t have to worry about the floor being scratched or paint being chipped off. 

While a robot might be a large purchase, you end up saving huge amounts of money because you are spending less in the long run on on wages and cleaning supplies. All you need to do is upfront the cost of the robot and spend a little money every year on maintenance. 


If you own a large facility and are tired of spending large costs on cleaning crews and supplies, consider getting an industrial cleaning robot. Cleaning robots have plenty of advantages not relating to costs including being safer and more efficient. You can’t go wrong with getting a robot for cleaning. 

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