The Future of Sanitization: Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

Whether you work in a hotel or hospital or another place, you might be wondering sanitize Robot to best sanitize the surfaces that are in your place of work. Sanitizing is an important part of health because it can protect you and your workers from germs and pathogens.

This guide will cover all the details you need to know about intelligent sanitizer robots as well as information about the solutions Reeman can offer you. 

Sanitizer Robots

Disinfectant Robot

The Concept of Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

An intelligent sanitizer robot is a robot that uses AI algorithms and robotic technology to disinfect and sanitize. They are programmed by a human to be able to sanitize certain areas in the home. 

Features and Capabilities of Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

An intelligent sanitizer robot is able to disinfect surfaces that are touched often. They are highly mobile and are able to get around quickly. Depending on the robot you have, they will be able to vacuum, clean the floors, and spray disinfectant on surfaces as they walk by them. 

Benefits of Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

•Improved Efficiency

Sanitizing robots are much more efficient and effective at sanitizing compared to humans. They are able to clean without missing any surfaces and offer consistent disinfection each day. 


The upfront cost of a robot is often more than what you might be spending currently on wages for the cleaning workers. However, the money you spend on a robot will be far less than all the money you spend on wages, labor, and cleaning supplies. 

•Improved Sanitization

While human workers can sanitize items well when given the proper training and the proper supplies, robots are able to more efficiently clean surfaces. They have special mechanisms that are programmed to do to ensure that every surface is adequately disinfected. 

•Reduced Human Contact

When you have a robot doing the cleaning, you no longer have to worry about humans in your office or hotel potentially coming into contact with bacteria and pathogens. This keeps everyone in your company healthy and happy. 

Potential Applications of Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

•Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Hospital Robot
Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Hospital Robot

Intelligent sanitizer robots are used in a variety of different settings, but they are mostly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Healthcare settings often have a large number of germs and bacteria because people seek treatment when they are sick. 

Some of these bacteria might be highly contagious which means there is a high need for quick and efficient sanitization so that diseases do not spread as rapidly around the hospital. 

Sanitization robots can clean everything in hospitals from toilets, operating rooms, surfaces in the admission rooms, and other medical equipment. 

•Public Transportation Systems

Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
High Speed Rail Station
Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots

Disinfection robots are perfect for cleaning bus seats, rails that people hold, and poles in metros that people touch frequently. These surfaces often carry germs because so many people are coming and going and touching all the same surfaces. 

•Schools and Universities

Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Academic Building

Schools and universities are some of the most common places where sicknesses are spread quickly because everyone is touching the same surfaces and everyone is close together all the time. 

A disinfection robot can come when the school has closed or during quiet time to sanitize all the surfaces and get rid of pathogens. 

This can help students of all ages healthy so they can focus more time on studying and learning and less time at home taking sick days. 

•Shopping Malls and Retail Stores

Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots

Malls and retail stores are other places where it’s easy to fall ill. With everyone touching the cash registers, payment equipment, and tables; it’s easy for germs to be spread around. With a disinfection robot, you can keep your workers and customers safe while they shop and buy items. 

•Offices and Workplaces

Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Research Office
Scenarios for Sanitizer Robots
Production Workshop

People want to work in areas that are clean. By having a disinfection robot clean desks, printers, and other equipment in the office, your workers will feel more confident coming into work since they know all the items they used are clean. 

Challenges and Limitations

•Technical Challenges

One of the biggest challenges is the way robots work. Like all technology, they can have glitches, shutdowns, and other issues. When they are not working, you will need to find a team of cleaners to come and do the work. 

•Social and Ethical Concerns

Many people are wary of robots and do not want to work with them. Some people also believe that they take jobs away from workers so they are adamantly against using them in work settings. 

•Costs and Accessibility

Robots cost more than a cleaning staff, especially considering the upfront costs. Not all companies can access disinfection robots as well since they are not widely available. 

Reeman Intelligent Sanitizer Robots

 If you are looking to get an intelligent sanitizer robot for your business, Reeman has all the solutions for you. With the Reeman robots, you can remotely control your disinfection processes. 

Reeman has two main sanitizer robots. One is for spraying disinfectants and the other uses UV light to clean areas. 

Here are all the options Reeman has:

  1. Disinfection Guard Spray Robot
  2. Spray Disinfection Robot 
  3. Spark UVC Sterilization Robot 
  4. SWORD3 UVC Sterilization Robot

The disinfection robots roam around your workplace according to a map that you set out. They are able to use AI technology to not miss one single corner. They can move and rotate 360 degrees to ensure they are cleaning every area. 

The UV robots work essentially the same but rather than spraying disinfectants, they use UV light. UV light is extremely efficient at killing pathogens and virus particles. 


Sanitization robots are the perfect addition to any workplace setting because they ensure everyone including workers and employees can stay safe and healthy. Robots are more efficient and consistent so you never have to work about employee errors or fatigue disrupting how your place is cleaned and disinfected. 

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