The overseas orders continue to grow, the staff of Reeman’s office go for workshop to finish the robot order production together.

Recently, the company’s overseas orders have been increasing sharply, and the delivery period is tight, resulting in heavy production tasks. In order to ensure that the goods are delivered on time, the company mobilizes office members to go to the workshop together to assemble robots according to different procedures, working overtime to catch up order delivery time, to ensure the orderly advancement of production plans, and to provide reliable support for the fulfillment and delivery of overseas orders.

Walking into the workshop, production line staff are working intensely and orderly. There are various production materials ready, the personnel from other departments come to support production and help wherever there is a need. Each position has a skilled master patiently explain the operation steps

The production lines include screw fixing of sheet metal parts of robot chassis, sensor installation, wire connection, program writing, shell installation, complete machine test and product packaging, everyone assembles in strict accordance with the requirements of the job master. We treat every job with the most rigorous attitude, and carefully complete every operation process.

Although a little rusty at the begginning, we are all strictly obeyed the production scheduling and actively participated. The full cooperation between the office staff and the production line employees on the one hand can stimulate the enthusiasm for work, on the other hand,it improves work efficiency. At the same time, management department is more stricter with QC department to inspect products to ensure every product that leaves the factory meets the factory standard.

Most of us only see the finished robot usually, and very few seldom experience the assembly process of the robot in person. Through this activity of supporting the production line, everyone is familiar with the robot assembly process and understands the structure and assembly process of the robot in detail. The process seems simple, but actually not simple. It requires the cooperation of each position! Everyone helps each other, unites and cooperates, forms a joint force, and completes various production tasks with quality and quantity!

As we all know, the power of a team is endless. As long as everyone works together like twists into a rope, we will be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties. In the production task of supporting the production line, everyone cooperated with each other for the collective goal and shared the responsibility, and fully experienced the centripetal force, cohesion, and concerted efforts of the Reeman team. This is the teamwork spirit of the Reeman people, which is worthy of praise and affirmation! In the future, the members of the Reeman team will go all out to overcome difficulties and contribute to the steady development of the company.

Reeman Robot was established in 2015. As the technology pioneer and pioneer of the new generation of intelligent mobile robots in China, the company will continue to lead technological breakthroughs with source innovation, adhering to the corporate mission of “let robots help us everywhere”, committed to the research and development and application of artificial intelligence. It currently has a series of complete product lines including commercial services, disinfection, cleaning, food delivery, robot chassis, etc., and its products are exported to 55 countries and regions around the world.