Three-Way Anti-Drop Sensor For Cleaning Robot

How does the Reeman cleaning robot avoid falling?

Imagine that a cleaning robot is performing the ground cleaning tasks in shopping malls, hotels,subway stations, large villas or other places, when it runs to the edge of stairs and steps, how does the cleaner recognize,avoid the danger, and prevent falling?

Install The Anti-Fall Sensor To Detect The Step

In fact, the sensor installed in the cleaner can help accurately detect the steps edge, and automatically go around the obstacle to achieve anti-falling. For this reason, Reeman designs anti-falling sensor (also called “cliff sensor”) for the cleaning robot. Anti-drop sensors are designed on the front, left and right of cleaning robot’s back side. The installation position of the anti-drop sensor is as the picture below:

How The Anti-Drop Sensor Works

The anti-drop sensor uses infrared rays for distance measurement, and the effective distance measurement is 5 cm. When the cleaning robot walks to the edge of the stairs or steps, the sensor uses infrared rays to measure the distance between the cleaning robot and the ground and find it reaches the critical value (5cm) ,the sensor will send a signal to the controller MCU (sensor information processor), and the controller will control the cleaning robot to retreat a few centimeters, adjust and turn the forward direction to achieve the anti-fall performance. The anti-drop test of cleaning robot is as following:

Anti-drop test on glass-topped tables

Stairs/steps anti-drop video

Main features of anti-drop sensor

1. It is suitable for a variety of floors on the market, not easily affected by the color and material of the floor, and has high stability

2. Detection distance: 5CM

3. Analog voltage output

The anti-drop sensor of the cleaning robot can detect a variety of objects, such as porcelain tiled floors, flat concrete floors, floors with sticker paper, glass floors, etc.Does the area you need to clean have steps or stairs? If so, no need to worry about the cleaning robot falling during the cleaning process any more. Designing an anti-drop sensor can enhance the directionality and anti-drop performance of the cleaning robot during the cleaning process, protect the safety of the cleaning robot, and better complete the cleaning work.

The above is the introduction of the anti-fall sensor of the Reeman cleaning robot. Welcome everyone to discuss the relevant information about the Reeman robot or the robot.If you want to know more about the robot vacuum, you can visit the following video: