What is a Disinfection Robot?

disinfection robots

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people think about sanitation, which has in part resulted in technological marvels like disinfection robots. These fascinating robots are equipped with UV-C lights, and are specifically designed to sanitize large areas with exceptional speed and efficiency. This is something a single human would not be able to do on their own, which makes these robots exceptionally useful.

Manual cleaning methods can be pretty time-consuming, especially if there’s just one person doing all of the work. Disinfection robots are also going to do a much better job sanitizing your workspace, as they’re literally designed to do so. The only problem with human sanitation workers (who normally do the best job they can) is that they’re likely to make mistakes and fail to properly disinfect everything in a room.

Disinfection robots are guaranteed to do a bang-up job of disinfecting a space every single time, which provides peace of mind and a safe space for people to live and work. In this article, we’ll go over how disinfection robots work, as well as the different types of disinfection robots on the market right now, so stick around!

What Is a Disinfection Robot?

A disinfection robot is an interesting and thoughtfully-designed type of machine that’s capable of sanitizing large rooms. You’ll typically see this type of robot operating in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other buildings with high foot traffic that require careful sanitation. These robots do an excellent job of ensuring that every nook and cranny of each room in a building is thoroughly disinfected.

Disinfection robots are highly efficient and effective, which explains their popularity. They are able to operate without human help, meaning the human members of a building’s sanitation team will be able to focus their energy on more important tasks. You can also program these robots to clean specific areas at certain times, so they’ll be set in a sort of never-ending cycle of cleaning and disinfecting.

what is disinfection robot

Types of Disinfection Robots

Disinfection robots are a relatively new technology, but we’ve still been able to develop a few different types. Let’s go over the different types of disinfection robots in a bit more detail below:

Spray Disinfection Robots

The first type of disinfection robot we’ll talk about is the spray disinfection robot. These robots disinfect a room by using a high-pressure spray system. They’re essentially designed to fight the spread of bacteria and viruses by spraying this effective sanitizing solution onto every surface in a designated room. Spray disinfection robots have the ability to operate autonomously, which is great for workers who don’t have time to supervise the robot while it’s cleaning.

So, how does the spray disinfection robot work exactly? Well, in short, it’s equipped with powerful sensors and an intricate mapping system, which helps it to clean a particular area without running into obstacles like chairs and table legs. This robot’s spray system allows it to penetrate germs in even the most difficult-to-reach areas, as it atomizes the sanitizing solution into tiny droplets. It’s pretty hard to find a human who’s able to do that!

spray disinfection robot

UV Disinfection Robots

Then, of course, there are UV disinfection robots. These robots are particularly high-tech because they’re equipped with an exceptionally powerful ultraviolet (UV) light system. Basically, the UV disinfection robot emits a specific wavelength of light whenever it senses germs or other contaminants in a particular area. As the robot moves around, its UV lights sterilize every surface it comes into contact with.

UV disinfection robots are especially efficient because they’re able to sanitize large rooms in a short amount of time. They also come with real-time monitoring systems, which means they’re capable of capturing data on the amount of time it takes them to clean an area. These robots are also able to collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of their cleaning process, which is pretty incredible.

UV disinfection robots

How Does a Disinfection Robot Work?

The inner workings of a disinfection robot can really vary depending on the model and type of disinfection it’s designed to do. However, at its core, a disinfection robot is equipped with several different types of technology that allow it to do its job effectively. As previously stated, a disinfection robot may emit UV light to sanitize an area, or it might use electrostatic spraying to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Some disinfection robots are able to collect data while they clean and sanitize, which they can then use to improve their future cleaning procedures. They are highly-advanced learning robots, if you will!

Reeman Disinfection Robots

When it comes to disinfection robots, Reeman offers a few excellent choices. We’ll overview Reeman’s disinfection robots below for your convenience.

Reeman Guard

The Reeman Guard is a fogging disinfection robot that’s widely used in airports, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and similar buildings. This robot blocks the transmission path of bacteria and viruses, and sterilizes the room it’s in through rapid atomization disinfectant.

Reeman Spray

This robot sprays safe sanitizer into the air while moving about a building, and works autonomously based on its pre-established path. The Reeman Spray is notorious for getting rid of all bacteria and viruses in an area, including Coronavirus droplets.

Reeman Spark

Here, we have your standard but classic UVC disinfection robot. This highly efficient model has the ability to sanitize a large room within minutes. It also doesn’t emit any secondary pollutants, so you won’t have to worry about cross-infection.

Sword1 UVC

This little robot is designed for efficiency. It works especially well in indoor environments with multiple rooms, and it can move about freely with its high-tech navigation technology. It emits UV light to sanitize an area, and is quite precise in its disinfection procedure.

Reeman disinfection robots


It’s pretty clear that disinfection robots are the future of cleaning and sanitizing. These robots are changing the way people think about cleaning and disinfection. By utilizing the services of disinfection robots, we can create safer, healthier working environments for everyone. If you work in a hospital or office building and want to ensure that your workspace stays healthy and sanitized, investing in a disinfection robot might be a great choice for you.

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